Not being able to afford something is NOT an excuse

Not being able to afford something is NOT an excuse


It’s just a case of priorities, and a total inability to put yourself first, which is a problem.


Unless you’re brand new here, or you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that I’ve been putting some crazy insane life-changing opportunities your way. 


First up was the Money Consciousness Method – my signature online programme guaranteed to change your life. Over £18,000 worth of coaching for just £2000. I mean it was a total no brainer. 


But the investment held a lot of people back. Even with extended payment plan options. 


So I asked myself, what can I do to help those people? Those people include you.


I came up with MCM Lite. The core teachings, without the live elements or the extra in person support. 


£690 (or £79 a month) … for all 6 modules of the Money Consciousness Method to elevate your money mindset and consistently create abundance in your life. 


I’m offering nearly £7000 worth of value for just £690. 


To be clear… I am not doing this for the money. I am doing this to help you get Money Conscious AF.


Whatever your reason for not enrolling in the MCM this time, whether it’s money, time, or something else, you have to be real… it was simply a case of priorities. 


And you chose to not prioritise your Money Consciousness. 


Is that something you can really afford to NOT prioritise?


Consciousness is the answer to every single problem you have ever encountered in life. 


And Money makes your world go round. 


The more money you have, the easier your world rotates. 


The more consciousness you have, the more your world expands. 


Why would you not prioritise these two things? Probably THE most important things you need to support the pursuit of your dreams. 


Too many people don’t realise achieving their dreams require both money & consciousness, and find themselves defeated & frustrated when things just aren’t happening for them. Have you ever experienced that?


Have you considered the absence of Money & Consciousness are contributing to your stuckness?


Getting in touch and telling me you can’t afford the crash course isn’t going to fly with me. I call bullshit. 


If you prioritise your self, your happiness, your self development, and your contribution to this world, then you step into an energy of decision to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. 


Decision is so different to the energy of desire. When we desire something, the dream has an energy of being unattainable. But when we decide something, the dream is no longer a dream… it’s simply a sequence of steps to ensure we get what we want. 


The first step is MCM Lite. 


Last day to enrol!


>>> You’re right H, I’m so in! <<<


My love always