Not Another Freakin Blog

It’s January 1st 2022

For once I got nothing. Nothin’ to say. Nothin’ to write. Nothin’ to share.

Every year on the 1st of Jan, I obediently sit in channel and download my Priestess predictions for the year… what is to befall humanity in the coming months… oh how it sounds so noble & self-righteous… the Priestess serving her loving community. Eye roll.

This year, I got nothin’.

Nothin’ to inspire, nothin’ to motivate, nothin’ to stick on a super cute reel for the gram.

I was pissed about it initially. Even had a momentary relapse of calling myself a failure. Hilarious. Poor little me crying into my £6000 couch in my £2,000,000 home. Get a grip H.

There’s nothing to write about here that we don’t already know.

The world is…


The world just IS.

It just IS. The way it always has been, the way it always will be… it just is.

Grotesquely beautiful, if you’re going to make me put words to it.

Equal parts grotesque and beautiful. Always filling two ends of the same spectrum. Polarity. Never perfection. Perfection can’t exist (despite our best efforts… weird little humans we are).

So, instead of poetically wrapping up some words to ease you in to 2022, or motivate you, or inspire you, or do what thousands of others are already filling your inbox and your feed with, I’m going to give you this, instead:

(And truthfully this isn’t for you at all, it’s for me, because when did we get so arrogant we actually thought people gave a shit about picking up what we’re putting down?!)

If it’s not completely original or authentic, you’re not going to hear it from me. I just simply won’t say anything. 

Why waste my time or yours?

There’s enough half-cooked coaches and motivational speakers / writers out there giving you all the fumes to sniff. I don’t need to get you high on bullshit hope & aspirations. What is this, Disneyland?!

I’m certainly not going to give you some motivational drivel about how 2022 is your year baby. Because be honest… we’ll be having the same conversation on the 1st of Jan every year for the next ten years if we start with the crap now, and I’m not in the business of hot air.

If it’s not real, raw, unapologetically toe-curlingingly honest and 100% ORIGINAL truth, then I’ll just keep my damn mouth shut and let the cookie-cutters cut the cookies. I’m cutting sugar. Hear me?!

Enough processed crap.
Enough regurgitated half-assed meaningless words.
Enough hype.

The world IS. It just IS.

So how about we just BE in it?

And maybe stop trying to change our lives so much? What’s so wrong with it anyway?

Really, what is so wrong with your life anyway?!

One of my original teachings… The Power of Your God Damn Word.

Honour that shit. Use it. AND THEN STICK TO IT.

Honestly you don’t need to spend another fucking dime on self-development if you’ll just get this really freaking simple rule… say what you mean, do what you say, and stick to it. It’s not hard.

But most people will blow smoke up their own asses, make promises to themselves they have no intention of keeping, fall off the bandwagon at some point over the next 12 months, and recommit all over again on Jan 1st after they’ve been bombarded over the holidays by thousands of pretty emails and IG posts. I mean reels. Sorry, this year it’s reels. Ffs, gimme a break.

I digress… if you’d like to get to the bottom of your own delusions and actually stop repeating the same year over and over again like some sugar-high over-excited toddler on a ferris wheel at the fairground… then I’m running this thing called The Descent next week.

3 days. 3 hours per day. £333. >>> The Descent Info <<<.

You might just get the hallelujah you’re looking for. Or not. I’m not into false promises.

But you might just stare your own delusions smack in the face, clear enough to realise where you’ve been swept up in life the wrong way for the last god knows how many years. Years that aren’t worth counting frankly.

Like I said. Raw honesty. 100% original and authentic teaching, messages, downloads & delivery.

Not for the faint hearted. But then I have a suspicion this year isn’t for the faint hearted…

She Who Dares Win$

Maybe see you in class >>> The Descent

Watch out for the false fumes, they’re intoxicating. Pretty, but poisonous.

Here’s to another year, however it pans out.

Love always