Next Clue

The countdown is on! Just 2 more days until we finally announce what we’ve been up to behind the scenes! Set your alarms for 4pm UK time on Monday 26th when our secret project will be revealed 🤭

Until then, keep those guesses coming! 2 people have guessed correctly so far, and anyone else who hits the bullseye before Monday will be entered into a prize draw. We’ve had so much fun seeing your guesses come in each day this week, some have really got us thinking… watch this space! 😂

Here’s some of our favourites…

A range of bespoke essential oil blends
A crystal helmet!
Yoni eggs
A perfume line
Aura workshop
A course on the energy bodies (Go here to get on the waitlist for M.O.R.E, coming later in the year!)
A subscription box

Getting very warm, but not quite!! So here’s another clue…. 

13, 5, 18, 3, 8  19, 8, 15, 16

Hit reply with your guess, or come join the fun on Instagram!

Love always,