Messy Value

A slightly different email today, because I’m all up in the Pisces Moon and deep in the feels. I’m supposed to be shouting about the new shop we launched yesterday, with all the insanely beautiful bespoke designs created by our wonderful Chloe and geniusly crafted into the store by our epic Clare. My job is to weave my word wand and get you excited about it. But honey I don’t control that wand and there’s other words that want to be shared today; watery, introspective expression. You can be excited about the shop anyway because it IS exciting. 

I want to talk about the value in the mess. The gold in the volatile. The ascension in the ugliness. Told you we were going swimming. 

There’s a phrase I hear sometimes as I guide people through concepts, teachings and coaching sessions; “That doesn’t resonate with me”. Sometimes it doesn’t, and that’s fine, there are infinite different ways to view things and no-one is required to resonate with anything that doesn’t fit their desired reality. However, what I’ve been noticing is more often than not this is what they’re really saying.. “This isn’t giving me glittery vibes and instant breakthroughs so I don’t want to entertain it right now”. There’s a big difference. 

If you truly don’t resonate with something, you’ll have zero emotional response to it. It won’t offer you anything, it won’t bring anything to your experience, there’s zero value in it for you.
But often we DO have an emotional response to something in the sense that it triggers fear, or sadness, or an unpleasant memory, or frustration and because we can all tend to buy into this “if it doesn’t make me feel good it isn’t for me” as a way to self manipulate from time to time we chalk it up to simply not resonating and move on. 

When you dismiss it, you dismiss the value. And there’s SO much value in leaning into the mess. So instead, ask yourself where is the value in this for me. The glittery vibes are easy to notice and easy to consume, but if something’s creating a less than desirable emotional response (And I don’t just mean the dramatic ones, I mean the subtle, quiet tummy drops too), there’s value in the form of lessons, reflections, observations and opportunities to understand yourself on a deeper level, which once accessed paves the way for more glittery vibes! 

3 years ago I started reading about and learning about Feng Shui, there aren’t many spiritual/energetic concepts that don’t resonate with me, but that one REALLY doesn’t. It does nothing for my experience, it doesn’t offer me deeper alignment, more abundance or any necessary assignments or reflections. I can confidently say this doesn’t resonate with me and leave it alone. 

The last couple of weeks I’ve found myself getting caught up in the mainstream narrative, which has a fresh wave of fear porn over here in the U.K. It has me uncomfortable. It has everyone in their opinions and wherever I turn my head at the moment someones trying to tell me they’re out fighting for my health/freedom/rights/ (as if those things aren’t entirely my own responsibility). Interesting how both sides are fighting for the same thing yet all they seem to be able to do is shout at each other. It would be very easy for me to say this conversation doesn’t resonate with me and simply remove myself. But as I lean in, pay attention to the emotional responses I’m having and get curious about where the value is. I learn more about how I want to show up in these times. 

This morning, when I found myself in a battle between what I needed and what needed me, I created the space for something true to come through. 

My schedule said copywriting. Specifically high vibe, fun, sparkly copywriting. 

My mind said cry girl, cry. 

My mental health history said a depressive episode is coming, you have no control, sit there paralysed and in fear about all the things you CAN’T do right now. 

My husband downed tools and attempted to take me through the baby steps we like to give depressed people… just brush your teeth, just change your shirt, just do one thing. I wanted to scream at him that nothing he was saying was resonating with me. And that’s when I surrendered to the value. 

I got back into bed, pulled the duvet over my head, got intentionally still rather than “paralysed” and within minutes my intuition/higher self/spirit team said “here’s your damn copy babe, here’s what needs to be said today”. 

Sometimes you just need the reminder that there’s no right way, but there is A way through everything. It might not look how you want it to look, or how you or someone else has told you it should look, but it’s always Divine, and there’s always value. Your emotions are a huge part of your human experience, if they’re present, they’re guiding you, let them. 

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And of course, the brand new shop, Chloe and Clare really have outdone themselves with this one! 

Love always,