Manifestations from the last 24 hours

Yesterday I said that the second workshop of 6 Days To M.O.R.E Money was THE workshop to attend, that you’d see instant tangible results if you choose to implement the content straight away. Boy did it deliver!!! Here’s what those who came live have to share this morning….


Soooooooo happy right now. That means I can spend extra on some really awesome birthday presents for my youngest 🤩
And it’s only Wednesday… this challenge is AMAZING”


“If you saw the live coaching I got yesterday Harriette told me to be the very most me I can.
Today, unexpectedly my former boss showed up with this card and a $1000 gift inside.
(I don’t have anything profound to say because I am still awestruck.)”


“This week continues to blow the roof off of my old limiting mindsets!”


“So many lightbulbs from today’s call!! 
Selling isn’t icky and receiving is effortless
Selling is me being responsible for my souls purpose”
“As everyone else has mentioned as well, the stuff around finding your niche, I am my niche 💖💖💖


“I can see and feel that you are so in tune with the new energy and I just want to learn more and more. Breaking away all that is old and doesn’t serve us or make us happy. 💗
I had a real breakthrough right at the start of the call when I realised I’m not fully coming from a place of service with my posts on social media etc. I have been coming from a place of need. This feels like a huge realisation and is making me think about things very differently.”


“FINALLY something that makes sense!!!” 


“I’m so in love with this energy” 


“Feeling incredible!! Not sure how I’m going to sleep now!!”


TODAY at 1pm UK me and Mia are taking 3 more people to the hot seat to be coached in real time through their biggest financial hurdle… these sessions are SO transformative even for those watching… 


“Seeing you struggle with the idea of being ‘self serving’ when you so obviously are not but are ‘so deserving’ of good things coming to you. Helped me to realise I do the same thing. Time to stop that one and allow more energy (and money) to flow in and through. Thank you lovely lady” 


“Yes thank you for this coaching … so much compassion with that it really inspires me to get to see other people and how we all have some sort of another of the similar blocks. releasing the shame or guilt and fear around money!”


“Wow! That “maybe game” was a total game changer! Today’s sessions were so powerful– thank you!”


You can still join us live for the rest of the week, we’re only half way through, AND receive all the replays of the workshops and coaching so far to catch up whenever you like. 


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