Let’s talk about sex


Let’s talk about sex ?

Specifically sex with ourselves. Masturbation is what I actually want to talk about. Self pleasure as a form of self care, and an initiation into powerful co-creation. 

Taboo. Yes. Uncomfortable. Perhaps. (To my friends and family… and Stephen’s family… I’m sorry… but I know you all support me in my role as Priestess to push the boundaries of our human experience and patriarchal conditioning). 

A necessary conversation? Absolutely. Money mindset coach, Priestess of Light, life therapist… whatever the hell you want to call me. My label is irrelevant but my message is clear. I’m here to help you live your best life and become the best version of yourself. 

Part of that path is developing a conscious relationship with yourself and your physical body. Ladies, that means your clitoris too. 

^^^ a statement that might seem wildly removed from my usual anecdotes about money and mindset, but sex, and self pleasure, incites the same energy required to co-create anything we desire in life. Including money. 

The seat of desire exists in our sacral chakra, in the genitalia. In our sex, sexuality, and self pleasure. 

The seat of financial co-creation lives in EXACTLY THE SAME PLACE. 

In your pants. Literally. When I teach the manifesting matrix of co-creation (typically for abundance acquisition) I talk about using the holy trinity of energy centres that exist within the body and birthing the energy through the womb space (yes for men too), i.e. through our sexy parts. 

So it falls to reason that if we don’t have a sexual relationship with ourselves, we will struggle to manifest or co-create anything. 

If we can’t honour desire in its rawest form… the sexual desire for pleasure… then how can we expect to bring ANY of our desires to fruition?

Honouring sexual desire requires a homecoming to the Soul self and the sexual self. It demands an intimate independent relationship with yourself, separate from anything else you might experience with another person. 

It requires …. radical self love. 

This conversation is just beginning. And what’s coming from my messages may shock and abhor you. But it will also activate and empower you in ways you never imagined. 

And the result? 


Always abundance. 

I am, after all, your Priestess of Light. Forever in pursuit of serving you to your greatest and highest good ?

With love always

Harriette x


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August 12, 2019