Let me show you what FAITH & GRACE actually look like!

Hey you

A soul pouring that I think we can ALL relate to. I walked a client through this this morning and it felt potent to share…


You know those days when you’re feeling meh, shitty, physically run down, not yourself, uninspired, pissed off, unmotivated… and what you really want to do is just take a day off, but you don’t let yourself?

Or those days when you DO give yourself a day off because you literally just can’t do anything other than stop, but then you feel bad about it all day?



You’re missing Faith & Grace


💛Grace is when we allow whatever IS to simply BE without questioning it, without digging into it and tearing it apart in an attempt to find something that’s potentially not even there to find.

Grace is when we co-exist with that which makes us uncomfortable, without resistance.

Grace is when we release all judgement and simply observe and love ourselves.



From this place of Grace we can move into Faith.


💜Faith is when you know no matter what you do or what you don’t do, it’s all working out for you anyway.

💜Faith is when you know no matter how you show up, when you show up, where you show up, or even IF you show up, that it’s all working out for you anyway… because the very practice of having faith IS showing up. It’s showing up for yourself.

💜Faith isn’t conditional of anything. Faith isn’t stepped into AFTER you’ve done the thing, achieved the thing, or seen the thing through. Faith is the thing you step into FIRST, which carries you through all your messy action and in-action to the end where the thing becomes whatever you desire it to be.


Faith is more than deep trust and knowing. 

💜It’s simultaneously an inner and outer experience. It’s being in touch with your Soul inside yourself, whilst being in touch with the Universe outside of yourself, whilst experiencing these two things as one and the same.



Faith is experiencing the impossible as possible. Faith is refusing to let the logic tear down the miracle.



Faith is seeing the unseeable. Feeling the unfeelable. Speaking the unspeakable. Receiving the undeceivable.



You get the picture.

Faith is divine magic. 



Ask yourself, if you knew you couldn’t mess it up… if you had Faith and Grace so deep & profound, that you knew the fulfilment of your desires actually had nothing to do with your actions or inactions, your beliefs or non-beliefs, your thoughts or absence of them, your emotions, your moods, your vibe… that you could be in any state of being at all, and STILL receive all that you desire… what would you do in this very moment right here?



Go do that. And hold yourself in Grace and Faith whilst you do it.



You got this.



I love you


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