Let it be easy

Working with you guys across the abundant array of different containers offered by Ask Harriette, I hear a lot of different questions. But there are a few that crop up time and time again, no matter who I’m working with. 

One of those is “At what point is it ok to ask for the sale? How do I know when I’ve given enough value to make that appropriate?” 
We had a great discussion about this last week in the School of Mastery Quantum call, and I wanted to share a couple of insights. 

It’s always appropriate to ask for the sale. The rise of the online entrepreneur has been a double edged sword. It’s created so many opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise be available, anyone can set up a business now relatively easily and for not very much money. But after that, it becomes a minefield of arbitrary rules we’ve created for ourselves which ultimately just add another lock to the cage we’re all attempting to free ourselves from by starting a business in the first place. 

I find the most vicious of these rules to be utterly pointless, self deprecating barter we’ve created with the value to selling ratio. No other industry does it, in fact it’s been an ongoing joke amongst the team for most of this year that you don’t see coffee shops making you sit through an hour’s webinar on the benefits and transformations available with a latte before they sell it to you. That would be ridiculous.

YOU are the value. Your experience, your commitment, your daily showing up, your investment in the people you help, your desire to contribute, your passion for putting yourself in front of the people that really really need that damn latte! Those people actually worked hard to find you, because you’ve got what they need; don’t make them wait for the support they’ve already sacrificed so much to find or jump through endless hoops/rigid funnels/overly structured customer journeys to get to it.

Let them have it now. The value and the sale go hand in hand, not one behind the other. They are intertwined and add so much depth when shared together.

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And the “free value” I’ll leave you with today is this… create your own rules. You can NOT do YOUR business “wrong” Unless you tie yourself to a bunch of shoulds and strategies and over complicated pathways that don’t feel good to you.

What feels good to you today? How are you making it work for you?

Love always,