Knowing what’s right for you

Let’s talk boundaries and knowing what’s right for you, because what is right for you, might not be what is right for someone else, and that’s perfectly OK.

We know what we know in life from our learned experiences, and from learning from other people, mostly our parents to begin with, and then our peers, and the the media.

Many of our adopted habits and ways of doing things, especially in business, are good for others, but not necessarily good for us, because they’re “adopted”, rather than cultivated from an inner sense of knowing and self-worth. This is fine in theory, until it starts to do things like block our money flow, or have us over-delivering, blurring boundaries, and operating from a place of someone else’s needs rather than our own needs. At that point, it’s time for a shift. 

The thing is with doing things your way is it’s not just good for you, it’s GREAT for you, AND, it’s EVEN BETTER for everyone else!

Commanding how you spend your money, how you pay yourself, how you give and receive, how you dictate your day-to-day life, and how you show up in the world is yours to command. Not your mums, not your business coaches, not your best friends, not your clients, nor anyone else’s!

When you do things for you first, rather than trying to satisfy the needs of others first, your energy expands. When your energy expands you become energetically more available to show up in a way that serves others more, rather than if you were to trying operate from your conditioned adopted habits, or an obligation mindset.

It’s actually a very small shift to make, but it’s a powerful one, and the reason many people don’t make this shift is because of the fear that they might be judged, rejected, invalidated, or worse.

Truthfully the more YOU you become, the more you might be judged yes. BUT, those who judge you, & those who move away from you, were never meant to be your people anyway. Sometimes we lose people, or things, so greater more aligned people and things can take up that energetic space in your life, to support you in ways others couldn’t.

I digress.

The self-development and self-discovery journey is a long one, but it’s full of the tiniest shifts that make the biggest differences. Stuff you might never have thought of before because it’s so simple, so easy, and so effortless. Insights and actions that make you go “how did I not think of this before?! It’s made such a dramatic difference to my life”. Being fully YOU is meant to be easy and effortless, but the art of Self has been long forgotten.

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My love always