I’ve changed ~ my personal shift


For years I have taught and lived by the 11 Universal Laws, and when it comes to writing these posts, I have always been led by the incarnation intentions:

  1. We are here to have a human physical emotional experience
  2. And to use that experience to contribute to the collective consciousnesses to raise the vibration of the planet for the greatest highest good of all humanity
  3. Whilst being the expression of Divinity through the human filter 

(c) – Harriette Jackson for Ask Harriette 2021 (taken from the 11 Universal Laws)

Typically my posts have been inspired by whatever I’m navigating in life at that time; the lessons and teachings I extract from experiences that both inspire and encourage. It’s a methodology so simple and so effective, it has become part of my business teachings too with clients.

However in recent months, something interesting happened:

I felt I had less to write. 

🤔 Was I experiencing less of life?! No. Quite the opposite.

🤔 Was I learning fewer lessons?! No. Still not true.

🤔 Was Divinity no longer coming through my human experience?!  Still nope!

🤔 So what was causing the lack of inspiration?

I was looking to write about struggles that had simply ceased to exist. 

2021 has seen some epic shifts in my life, for the better (but some via the vehicle of momentarily and monstrously worse).

I have expanded my energetic field to experience simultaneously more wealth, more joy, more abundance AND bigger issues, bigger threats, bigger risks. 

As we expand into MORE, we don’t just become available for the greater stuff… we become available for MORE of it all… the good, the bad, and the ugly.

2021 has shown me a pretty ugly side to humanity (more on that to come in my October masterclass).

BUT… and here’s the shift that had me confused for a hot minute:

The bad, and the ugly, whilst it exists, doesn’t impact me in the same way it used to. The emotional charge has lessened. 

Bad stuff will always happen, but when we expand our energetic capacity for the receiving of more abundance (and equally more of the opposite), we also expand in a third direction… emotional resilience and intelligence. 

So, emerging from my maternity bubble periodically in the last few months to write to you, occasionally had me at “but what do I write about? Life is so good. There’s no valuable lesson to share from life being everything I desired it to be”.

That’s what had me stuck. And then came The Shift:

Life doesn’t have to be painful for it to be inspiring.

Life can be perfectly beautiful and equally shareable. That’s inspiring too. 

My writing can shift from leaning into struggles to celebrating consistent successes.

My LIFE can shift from leaning into struggles to celebrating consistent successes.

This is where I’m at. The point past the point of no return. The untouchable truth of my existence is that I well and truly have my own back. I have and always will be my safest bet.

The “point of no return” is another teaching concept I’ve been sharing for years and I’ll be diving deeper into it in next weeks masterclass: The Shift

I’m now understanding there are further points beyond this where we become exponentially abundant, resilient, and joyful. Life really is a whole pinch me moment of how does it get to be this good?!

I share not to brag or boast (trust me it’s taken me a while to even recognise that this is what I need to share now), but rather I share to inspire ….

That life on this self development journey just continues to get better and better and better when we continue to do the work, bet on ourselves, and take radical responsibility for our existence.

This isn’t to say the shit won’t hit the fan ever again… it inevitably will but how I choose to have a relationship with those experiences has shifted dramatically.

Much of what I have learned from navigating life, including how to make consistent leaps and upgrades in my life, has been condensed into my new programme “The Shift”. We start on Monday and for a limited time only it’s completely free!

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