It’s Needed In This World

There’s something rattling me this morning about the self-development industry and coaching industry.


The need for more practical business advice. 


There are a lot of incredible coaches who niche in some beautiful areas of self-development, mindset, money, and energy, but not all have the necessary practical experience of building multiple sustainable and successful businesses. 


I set up my first company at just 18 years old. I’m coming up to my 16th year in business. In that time I’ve had a few failed businesses, sure, all killer entrepreneurs do, but I’ve also got several multiple-6 and 7-figure companies that I still run, all of which have survived and thrived despite the global pandemic. All my companies are equipped to be completely recession proof. One of them was even born in the recession of 2008, and still stands loud and proud and profitable today.


I’ve also helped to build loads of 6 and multiple-6 figure businesses, (and one multiple 7-figure business) with and for my clients.


Experience in business is something money can’t buy. That’s a time gig, and I’ve been putting in the hours for YEARS!


I’ve seen internet marketing trends rise and fall, worked with the tides of social media, watched & learned from the ever-changing consumerism behaviours, and learned to adapt with lightening speed to the demands of our global economy and the evolving humanitarian race. 


There’s a reason some entrepreneurs don’t make it past the first 3 years, because many come in blind, believing that their passion, commitment, and a shiny “money coach” will be enough to see them through, but it’s NOT enough. 


As much as I’ll be the first to declare the world needs to change, and speak openly about my views on the Patriarchy and the crippling energy it brings, it’s impossible to deny that we still live in a 3D world and need to run 3D businesses with actual business knowledge.


I see clients tripping up when they don’t have legal contracts in place and someone does the dirty on them (happened to a client a few weeks ago, and I had another message about it just yesterday from a different client).


I’ve seen people get caught out with taxes, and VAT, the EU situation now that the UK has left Europe. I will always advise you get an accountant by the way, I am not a financial advisor, nor insured to offer that sort of advice, but I can certainly guide you in the right direction and help you highlight things to your accountant that they may not be aware of (the coaching industry is such a new world, not all accountants have a proper understanding of it yet).


Insurance. Another classic I see business owners getting caught out with.


Intellectual property. Trademarks. Understanding a balance sheet, your P&L, knowing your bottom line, understanding the difference between cash cows and loss leaders and how to balance financial outlays to maximise profit. Knowing when to hire, and who to hire. What to outsource, and what to bring in-house. Employment contracts, different types of employment, your responsibilities as an employer.


How to build funnels, how to capture your audience on your website and social sites, your messaging, your brand identity, the coherency and clarity of your offers, mapping out multiple offers &  access points for your audience, understanding the launch curve, financial cycles, cash flow forecasting, anticipating financial need, when to use credit and what to leverage credit for, facebook ads, google ads, audience acquisition, technology and softwares for automation, ever green revenue streams, other types of revenue streams such as affiliate schemes and partner marketing, thinking outside the box, client engagement and retention, audience engagement, social proof… the list goes on and on.


And then there’s bigger picture issues… your morals & ethics code. Who you are and what you stand for. The philanthropic work you do beyond your profit margins. 


And the biggest crusher of all…. entrepreneurs tell themselves they don’t need all this stuff, and that they’ll worry about it in years to come when they “need” it. That time never comes because most businesses fail in the first 3 years, or the entrepreneur gives up.


You can imagine my frustration.


I’m also aware I may be perceived to many as just another “shiny money coach”, especially as I do the Priestess gig and happen to be super psychic and highly magical. But do not be fooled… underneath the high vibe, shiny, magnetic energy of me, and all my knowledge of energy, how the Universe works, and how to Queen like a total boss… there’s a seasoned, skilled and highly-knowledgable business woman with more practical business experience and know-how than you can shake a stick at.


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My love always