Into the darkness

Let Divinity pour through me, let wisdom wash over me,
Cascading through my consciousness like a Lumerian waterfall.

Let me fall apart.
Let the Piscean paradigms, worn out ways and stale status quo be gently but rapidly flushed from my being.
Let my mourning for everything I once knew be the birthing ground for my evolution.

A woman undone.
A woman with nothing to lose.
A woman who does not fear the depths of her own despair.
Who confronts the darkest parts of her psyche and is willing to see them reflected in the darkness of the world.
This is woman rising.
This is the woman who knows broken doesn’t mean to be without use or purpose.

Let the darkness wash over me, for it is here that I see most clearly.
Here that I listen most profoundly.
Here that I am safe to let the broken parts of me fall away.
Where I am held and supported whilst I receive their wisdom.

Let the darkness engulf me, for it is here that I find acceptance.
Here that I stop resisting.
Here that I allow all that will be to be and remember it has no baring on the life I decide to lead.

In the darkness, choices appear.
Choices bigger and more varied than you ever imagined.
Infinite destinies to embrace.
But you are required to make these choices blindly.
You do not make them with your eyes.
You make them with your heart and your Soul and you allow your faith to guide you.

You allow your faith to lead you back to the light, knowing the darkness will come again, fearing it less each time.
Until the day you even look forward to it, until the day when you welcome the descent.
And you realise the darkness reveals to you what you are made of, a sacred initiation that proves you can hold it all.
That uncovers strength in vulnerability.
Connection in solitude,
Clarity from chaos.

In the darkness, you remember your magic.
You’ll perform alchemy with your words.
Artistry with your pain.
Power with your presence.

You’ll remember I am you, you are me, and WE are SHE.

>> Into the darkness you go << 

My love always,
(Head Coach/MD/Priestess-In-Training)