If this is you, don’t sign up

It’s just one week until we kick off the biggest free event of the year, 6 Days To M.O.R.E Moolah! 

Here are some reasons you SHOULDN’T JOIN… 

💰 You’re making more dollah than you know what to do with 
💰 The flow of abundance is constantly spilling over, all around you
💰 You don’t think twice about investing in yourself, your business and your growth, no matter what action that requires 
💰 Your relationship with the gold stuff is fully healed
💰 You believe without doubt or question that you will always be financially supported
💰 You have the perfect support team around you who are experiencing abundance themselves
💰 “Competition” doesn’t scare you because you have total faith that there’s enough for everyone 
💰 You broke up with scarcity in all forms long ago 
💰 You never experience imposter syndrome because you know you’ve got it totally figured out and there’s no problem you wouldn’t be able to solve 
💰 You consistently manifest dream clients and dream contracts on repeat 
💰 You don’t even know why you’re on my email list because your coin consciousness is faultless 

If you can tick any or all of the above, then this completely free event will probably have nothing for you. 

BUT, since having total immunity to scarcity, fear or conditioned moolah beliefs is pretty unlikely in humans navigating the shift from the Piscean age into the Aquarian age, I KNOW this event will create some quantum shifts for you in the way you experience abundance. 

We start on Monday 17th May with a mixture of live workshops and live hot seat coaching sessions every day at 1pm UK time for 6 days. Replays provided, of course.

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Even if you’ve been in my world for years, even if you’ve already got some of my moolah courses, there’ll still be something here for you because this is BRAND NEW stuff that’s come through this year. 2021 is a 5 year, the teacher, some might say it’s currently feeling even more brutal than 2020, that’s because it’s forcing very necessary lessons on you that need to be integrated, anchored and embodied in order to rise above the shit storm of the current world and thrive regardless. 

What I’ll be teaching, for free, is how you do that in regards to your coin consciousness. Arguably one of the most important parts of your consciousness because if you’re not living in both spiritual and material wealth, it’s very difficult for you to create your own impact in the world in the way you’re destined to. 

Workshop 1 starts one week today. 

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Love always,