If only you could see what I see

Mama Queen… if you could only see the power of what you’ve already created and birthed into this world.

If only you’d dare to look and really see… you’d see what a revolutionary you already are. You’d see how much you’ve already impacted the lives of those who are blessed to have known you. You’d see how your Soul has already made itself manifest OUT THERE in the big wide world, leaving magic in its wake.

Mama. Mother. Womb. I speak to the core essence of your being. Whether you’ve birthed a baby, a book, or simply an idea, you brought forth magic from inside of yourself. You created a Soul revolution and set it free into the world. You GREW… From a seed you planted deep within yourself before you were even born.

You ARE a Mama Queen. If only you could see what I see. Your power, your potency, your PERFECTION. Yes, you are perfect.

If only you could see what I see.

Beyond the numbers, the stats, the cash balance, the school grades, the measure of any metric… beyond that is a throne beckoning you to SEE YOURSELF. See yourself and SIT yourself at the helm of your Sovereign Queendom, Mama.

You are so much more than you know. There is so much to be unleashed from within you. 

It will be my honour, fellow Queen, to sit in circle with you and show you what I see. Together we become the Oracle that sees a new Paradigm for female leaders, mothers, creators, and Queens.

Join me for Mama Queen. OR Join me for 12 months of Queening. Join me, and your fellow Queens, to reclaim the aspects of yourself that have been lost as you’ve birthed creations without conscious awareness of your power.

You will see what I see Mama. And this, after all, is 2022, the year of 6, the year of SEEING. 

Dare to look. Dare to learn. Dare to see, and dare to sit, upon the throne that calls all parts of you into your revolutionary reign.

In this masterclass you will discover: 

On mothering human babies specifically:

👑 The significance of the first 7 years of a child’s life and what that means for you as a parent
👑 Children as our spirit guides incarnated and how they become our leaders
👑 How to reinvent the wheel of boundaries as your babies develop
👑 Letting go (need I say more)

On nurturing & growing your business babies:

👑 Your creative projects, products & offerings as your Soul energy made manifest and how your creations lead you
👑 How to reinvent the wheel of boundaries as your business develops
👑 The birthing energy of business & how we inadvertently restrict our business growth
👑 Getting out of your own way to release the visibility & imposter stories
👑 Unsubscribing from the narratives that there’s something you’re doing wrong if you’re not where you want to be
👑 Surrendering as a Mama Queen to whatever the outcome will be

On self-leadership:

👑 How to get everything done in less time with laser focus & clarity
👑 The importance of allowing space for messy imperfection
👑 How to trust yourself more and the power of self-questioning
👑 How to tap into the gifts of resilience and strength like you’ve never known them before
👑 How to get off the struggle bus when you’re juggling all the things
👑 Your mental health & emotional intelligence as a Queen
👑 Navigating the constant evolution of who you need & desire to BE as a Queen, Creator & Mother
👑 Being your own leader, and being the leader your creations need you to be!
👑 Radical self-love as you change and evolve, leaving who you were behind

On money:

👑 The energy of Money as it flows through your creations & business babies (stretching the energetic umbilical cord)
👑 The energy of Money once your expenses go up to nourish your babies (biz & children)

On Priestess-ing:

👑 Tapping into your intuitive channel as a means to collapse time, enhance growth, and serve the greatest highest good of your children and your business babies
👑 Simultaneously becoming the mother, and the child, as you heal the Mother Wound and lineage conditioning
👑 Holding the duality of oneness (yes you read that right!!)
👑 Sacred service & Divine sacrifice

Class takes place on Tuesday 25th January for approx 2.5 hours, and the replay will be available for LIFE for those of you who can’t make it live.

>>> Mama Queen: £222 <<<

The Queendom Collection is made up of 12 Queening masterclasses in which I’ll be covering in depth aspects of business, money, self-leadership, relationships, navigating LIFE itself, energetic & emotional intelligence, and so much more.

IF you join the Queendom Collection, you will have immediate access to:

Command Your Queendom (the foundation of how I run my life & business)

The Comeback Queen (how to bounce back from the shit you think will break you)

Mama Queen (the new January class)

PLUS 9 more over the course of the next 12 months, 3 of which are already downloading in to me:

Queen Aphrodite (on love & relationships)

Money Queen (the money one… obvs!)

The Sovereign Reign (on releasing ALL your conditioning and bullshit)

Already in for Mama Queen? You can choose to upgrade to the entire collection and pay just £185 per class! (And use your existing payment as credit too).

>>> Details & registration forms all here <<<

I SEE YOU QUEEN! See you Tuesday!

My love always


p.s. Priestess Paradigm is my 2022 mastermind / Priestess training, starting end of Jan / early Feb. You will know if this calls you. Have a read here.