I spent every last drop…

Hey you, you beautiful Soul

Today I delivered an 8 hour VIP Mastermind Day to my Quantum Mastermind Group, plus a few extra clients. It was amazing, of course, but now at 9pm as I write this I really am exhausted. 


Normally an 8 hour coaching day would’t phase me but I’m 7 months pregnant so there’s that, lol!

During one of the breakout sessions, I hoped over to Instagram to deliver a 15 minute impromptu live training on how to turn frustration into freedom and quantum manifestations (you can check it out here), and now at 9pm I’m writing the daily email to send to you with my insights, learnings, Soul Pourings & Truths.

I say this not to show you how amazingly committed I am to my Soul work, or to model any kind of hustle mentality. Trust me, hustle is NOT my vibe, and this is definitely NOT a normal day for me. I’ve been consciously working on condensing my “working hours” to just 4 hours per day, but of course there are exceptions to the rule, i.e. Quantum VIP mastermind days!

I’m sharing this with you to show you what spending every last drop of Soul expression looks like… and how good it feels… and the magic it creates, and how it’s NOT actually exhausting to show up in this way, even when it might look like hustle to the outside world, even when you’re 7 months pregnant, even when you’re yawning and ready to chill for the evening… because the FEELING in your heart of Soul of knowing you expressed every last drop of your Soul energy for the day is SO unbelievably fulfilling and nourishing, it truly is the sweet elixir of life itself. 

NOTHING about today was an action I didn’t want to take. Nothing came from hustle or need or obligation.

EVERYTHING came from expressing what was on my Soul that desired to come out in the moment. The VIP coaching calls, the IG livestream, the email I’m writing now, is all coming from a place of

“This is what is on my Soul and this is what needs to come out”

And despite being heavily pregnant, and despite knowing I “should” be relaxing now, and knowing I “should” have relaxed in the breaks between calls instead of delivering more live trainings on IG and Voxering my clients (because that’s sensible when you’re in my “condition”), I swatted away the should thoughts, and instead followed what felt good to me in that moment, and what feels good in this moment as I write to you.

Something that I know ALWAYS feels good, is listening to my Soul and sharing that. It’s never exhausting, or obligatory, or frustrating. It’s an unapologetic honouring of who I am, how I serve, how I show up, how I receive money, how I want to impact the world and create my legacy. I could never be tired of that, or TOO tired to honour that. Never.

This has come after years of playing in the Quantum. Of figuring out what my Soul really wants to say, and then listening to that, and then obeying that, and then making it a habitual ritualistic daily, sometimes hourly practice.

This isn’t just a switch I decided to turn on one day. It’s taken practice. I’ve had to commit and recommit over and over again. I’ve had to make the choice and then choose again and again to keep myself in alignment, in Soul focus, in full Soul expression, and responsible to the daily task at hand every single day:

Spend and express all the energy that pours through my Soul into the hearts, minds, Souls, and lives of other people. In the 21st century we also pour into inboxes and social media feeds!

But we pour and we pour and we pour until WE feel fully filled up.

Pouring into others in honour of your own Soul truth and Soul mission, doesn’t drain you… it does the opposite…. it FILLS you. 

I see the misalignment in so many when they declare a day of self care and pour into nothing other than false egoic need, and then “bizarrely” find themselves feeling worse that evening or the next day…. until they fall back into service and pouring into others and suddenly feel great again because they delivered an amazing masterclass, or really helped a client out on Voxer, or even just gave some good advice to a friend!

When we pour the truth of what is coming through our Souls out into the world, we experience this miracle called fulfilment. 

It’s amazing.

What’s even more amazing is when we don’t just pour a bit, we pour the whole lot… every last drop… until you really have poured all you can, and you find yourself expecting to feel empty, but you don’t… you feel fully fulfilled. 

It’s amazing. I urge you to try it!

If you’d love to know more about the quantum physics behind all I’m talking about, about Quantum leaping, building a Soul aligned business (the strategic and the scientific), and leading a fully fulfilled life in this new Aquarian age we find ourselves in, then I highly highly highly recommend you grab yourself a replay copy of today’s VIP day (get it here).

The value of today’s content completely blew everyone away. Including me. Even I didn’t expect SO much goodness to pour through me, but literally every last drop of Soul truth was poured into the day, supported by our very own Head Coach, Mia, who delivered an additional 4 sessions of her own, and Chloe, our visual media genius, who has written up all the class notes into beautiful workbooks! It’s the most beautifully aligned condensed body of work on life, business, and Quantum leaping ever ever in the world of condensed bodies of work… you know what I mean… like those little guides to life?! Jam packed full of gold dust and magic. 

I digress. Grab a copy of all the replays and the workbooks here. 


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