Getting emotional about tomorrow….

Happy Sunday!

It’s not often I email on a Sunday, or livestream for that matter… today I did both!

I woke up with an intention to review the plan for next week’s free event… 6 Days to M.O.R.E. Money, and as I was adding to the notes of the first workshop, I had a moment of “seeing” the transformations that will take place for all 1800 of you already in the Facebook group, and my eyes welled up.

Workshop One (the one I’m delivering tomorrow) is all about Permission and Money.

💎 Permission to really SEE yourself, in the way that I see you (from my Priestess perspective)

💎 To see your money stories in ways you haven’t before
💎 To give yourself full permission to break free from them, right there in the moment, live on the call (no long winded approach required)
💎 And full permission to step into the version of you who is empowered and enabled to give and receive more abundance than ever before.

That one workshop alone is going to create a huge ripple effect in our community, our personal lives, our families, our businesses… and it’s all change for the better.

I can feel my heart POUNDING in my chest in sweet anticipation of being able to deliver all this information to you, and witnessing the transformations in all of you throughout the week.

If you haven’t signed up to this life changing event, you still have time to register, grab the schedule, and not only change your money reality in 6 short days, but also be in with the chance to win some amazing prizes throughout the week, learn new things about yourself, connect with the energy of money on a much more intimate level, and who knows…. have a great week?!

There IS a Facebook group but of course I appreciate not everyone likes Facebook anymore, so all the live workshops will be live-streamed onto a fancy web page thingy my team have built (awesome team), and all the replays, workbooks, prize giveaway info, schedule, links etc will all be on that webpage too. It’s dead easy to enjoy all the magic, you do not have to be on social media.

>>> Head over to the dead easy web page thingy my team built here <<<

BUT… on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, Mia (the Ask H head coach) and I, will be going live in the Facebook group to deliver realtime money consciousness hotspot coaching to 3 willing volunteers!

We will be keeping those calls in the private Facebook group… because the shares from the individuals who put themselves forward for money coaching will be private, and we want to respect the privacy of everyone who is joining us for this journey. Consider the Facebook group the “safe space” to share some of your more difficult stuff when it comes to money.

Other than the life-changing transformation on offer to EVERYONE who registers for this incredible free event, we’re also giving away the following:



  • A Money Consciousness Scholarship worth £3222 to one very lucky person!
  • A copy of the Command Your Queendom Masterclass, again to one very lucky person
  • A copy of the Priestess Pocket Audios so you’ve got me in your ear on demand (one winner)
  • A FREE personalised Numerology Report (one winner)
  • Cash prizes of £100, £75 and £50 (three winners)



And then next week we are also giving away:


❤❤❤ TEN BESPOKE ABUNDANCE SHE ART PRINTS created by the one and only Lisa Lister ❤❤❤


Every year I go bigger and bolder than the year before when I run my free money event, but this year I’ve got an even bigger more expansive reason to give back in ways I never have before…

I’m about to roll out on a 3 month maternity leave! Baby boy is due in July!! So this really is my last hurrah for a while, and my last opportunity to over give and over deliver in typical Ask Harriette style. If you know me, you know I can’t help myself but to over deliver all the time… I’m not going to have that opportunity for 3 whole months, so I’m cramming 3 months worth of over giving into one week 😂

Prepare to have me as a solid feature in your life for the next few weeks, blasting you with so much money truth you won’t have a choice but to be utterly transformed!!

On a personal level, it’s really important to me that we get this group into the multiple thousands… we’re currently at 1800. We could potentially double that in the next week. If you’d love to help me out with my personal goals (and I ask this very humbly), please share THIS LINK with all your friends, family and Soul tribe, tag them when they arrive in the Facebook group, and be in with a chance to win those cash prizes.

>>> Here’s that super cute, dedicated website to sign up and get all the event info you might possibly need <<<

I can’t wait to lay my magic on you 😉

My love always