Get money conscious for just £79

Sometimes, no matter how much you want to change your financial situation, the fear of investing so far outside your comfort zone is just too much. I get it, I remember it well. 

If you desperately wanted to sign up to the Money Consciousness Method but even the 12 month payment plan was too much of a stretch, I’m speaking directly to you. You deserve the opportunity to start where you’re at, so I’ve created another way for you to access my teachings and I’m meeting you at a level that’s slightly more comfortable for the first time investor. 

Don’t get me wrong, I still and always will believe big scary leaps are entirely necessary for expansion and non-negotiable when it comes to Quantum leaping. But when you’re at the start of your consciousness journey, and Quantum leaping isn’t quite on the agenda for you yet, you need to start smaller. 

Introducing The Money Consciousness Method Lite… we’ve stripped the programme back to just the core teachings of everything you need to finally crack your money mindset and open the floodgates to abundance, self study style! You’ll receive modules 1-5, plus the live module 6 taking place later in the year which form the foundation of your elevation into money consciousness. 

>> Access MCM Lite for just £79 a month for 10 months!! << 

To be clear, MCM Lite does not come with any bonuses, any live coaching or any accountability support, making it perfect if you’re ready to upgrade your financial reality but not ready to work with a coach. 

If you spent the whole of the MCM launch paralysed by the fear, here is your no-brainer opportunity to jump in, get conscious, alchemise your fear and anxiety for good and get yourself into true money flow! 

For just £79 a month (or £690 if you pay in full) you’ll get access to… 

Module 1 – Creating Consciousness: Uplevel your consciousness and free yourself from the negatives that hold you back. 

Module 2 – Understanding Money: Your license to print moolah! 

Module 3 – Making & Manifesting Money: The perfect blend of the practical and the magical to call in the abundance you deserve. 

Module 4 – Returning Your Investment: Get the secrets I use on a daily basis to ensure the money is always rolling in. 

Module 5 – Sex, Love & Money: Learn how your relationship with yourself and others can seriously impact the flow of money in your life. 

Module 6 – Money & The 10 Energy Bodies: This brand new module, to be recorded live later in the year, blows the lid off everything you think you know about money. Learn about the 10 energy bodies that exist within you, how to pinpoint where and when these get blocked and how to use them to manifest money as easily as you breathe air! 

You have until midnight on Sunday 6th June to say yes to money consciousness!! 

>> Sign up here << 

Love always,