For the answers you don’t think exist…

You don’t need to suffer so much. You didn’t come here for that. 


You don’t need to keep manifesting shitty relationships. 


You don’t need to keep hitting financial difficulties. 


You don’t need to keep making the same mistakes. 


You don’t need to keep beating yourself up. 


You don’t need to stay in situations that don’t serve you because you can’t see a way out. 


You don’t need to keep believing abundance is for other people, but not for you. 


You don’t need to keep looking for proof that destiny only exists in fairy tales. 


You don’t need to keep dulling your natural gifts because you’ve let your challenges take centre stage. 


You don’t need to keep looking for answers that don’t exist. 


They do. 


They exist in numerology. They exist in a forgotten language. A language you have the right and responsibility to learn. 


The world is not cruel, you are not without power, you are not without destiny, you’re just without understanding. 


Learn the language of your soul. Remember how to speak directly to Source. 


Remember how easy life is supposed to be. 


Remember that challenges CAN be brief, they can be relatively painless, they can even be fun when you know why they’re happening and how they’re directing you to your next level. 


Remember that abundance is your birthright and can be called in easily and effortlessly when you know your own unique signal. 


Remember you have a purpose that will light up your existence and the existence of everyone around you. 


Remember you have a gift, there to be used to raise the vibration of the planet for the highest good of all. To be used to unlock the experiences your Soul aches to have. To be used to show the route to joy, expansion and oneness. 


Remember you have the ability to eradicate fear and anxiety for your life, even from the world. 


Remember you have everything you need to love yourself unconditionally. 


Remember your soul family, the ones who have the most significant impact on your life. 


Remember how to forgive. 


It’s all there, when you remember the language. 


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My love always, 

Harriette xxx