Enough with the norms

My loves, 
Rather inconveniently, but oh so poetically, I have words pouring out of me that simply can’t wait…
An hour from now I need to be piling my kids and husband into the car so we can drive to the airport to pick up my sister, brother-in-law, and niece (whom I’ve never met), as they are finally returning home from Australia. We haven’t seen them for 2 years since their “bush wedding” in December 2019. Those of you who have been in my world for a while may well remember those £17,000 first class flights I booked for Stephen, Ostara and I to fly the 25 hour trip to Aus. We had an apartment in the sky, it was insane!!
I digress…
In two years a LOT has changed. Not just for me personally, but I know for you too, and the world over. We’re in SUCH a different place. 
For many of us, it has forced us to question who we are and what we value.
Yesterday I canceled work to be with my two sick babies. It’s nothing more serious than a cough / cold which is “normal” for this time of year, and the “normal” thing to do would be to send Ostara to nursery, hand baby Odin over to my husband and crack on with work like “normal”. 
BUT, yesterday something in me firmly said no, enough. Enough now with the norms. Who are you and what do you want?
My name, Harriette, literally means home. 
My family is everything to me. My kids and my husband are my whole heart. My extended family are THE BEST. Friends of mine often comment how lucky I am to have such incredible parents and such a close knit family. My brother and sister are amongst my best friends. It’s rare. And I value TF out of it. 
I also consider my clients part of my extended family. Heck I spend more time with you guys than I do any of my family who are “up north” (loving British term for people who appear to prefer slightly colder temperatures and lashing winds & rain).

I’ve heard countless times how clients feel like they’ve “come home” when they start working with me. It’s part of my gift. It’s just something I do. I’m an anchor for home, for family, for love, and for finding yourself in all that. 
My clients come home to themselves when we work together, and I refer to them as family. The fact that I can look a client in the eye (admittedly and begrudgingly on zoom these days) and say “I love you”, is a feeling I honestly can’t describe. How does that even happen? Relationships with people I’ve never met in person who I know pretty much everything about, quite often dream about (not in a weird way I promise haha), and would do anything for… that’s family… and that’s wild. 
It’s a big part of who I am.
Yesterday I noticed a dramatic change in my children after I’d spent the day nourishing them, and a dramatic change in my Self. I feel healthier despite still running on fumes and no sleep.
It’s not lost on me that the class I had to cancel yesterday was M.O.R.E. class 1, which is all about Soul work and learning to obey your Soul. How poetic it is that on that very day I was led to deepen my own connection with my Soul, with Source, and deepen my honouring of who I am, how I serve and also how I make money. 
So here’s a decision I’m making, not lightly, but effortlessly, as Stara runs rings around my ankles, and Odin snores in his cot (full of snot bless him)…
December gets to look like this:
Family First.
Clients Always. 
Money Endlessly.
The team will be reaching out to those of you in M.O.R.E., and M.O.R.E. Energy Body One class only, to let you know about the new schedule. 
The next masterclass I had coming up… The Descent, will be rescheduled to a later date. It might be the final week of December between Christmas and New Year, or it might be the first week in January. I may take a vote on it, I may not. 
I MIGHT even change the name of the programme, given this deepening I’ve experienced and the downloads that are now pouring through me. 
What I do know is this… it will be 3 days, 3 hours per day, and £333 with payment plans available. It will be part teaching, part coaching, part Q&A, and part workshopping because I’m not just here to teach you concepts you can either implement or not, I’m here to do the damn thing WITH you. 
We won’t be thinking about things, we will be DOING things and BEING who we want to be.
As I ease up my schedule to realign to my own values of family first, I’ve made myself a promise to show you how to make MORE money by doing less. How to be an energetic match for as much money as you need and more, whilst prioritising your values and what you stand for. 
I absolutely do NOT believe that money can only follow hustle or hard work, that hours must be put IN, in order for money to be gotten OUT. 

It just doesn’t work like that. 
But money does stagnate when you don’t have a Soul relationship with yourself, and when you don’t understand where you’re out of alignment with who you are. 
Those of you are in for both M.O.R.E. Energy Body Class 1, i.e. the SOUL work, AND The Descent… you’re going to have a wild month with me. Way to start 2022 baby!
“The Descent” is all about going deep into the depths of who you really are, pinpointing where you haven’t been yourself this year, and why. It’s stripping back the beliefs and identities that haven’t served you, that have stagnated your cash flow, & caused you to fall short of your goals.
One of the foundational statements I make in many of my teachings is “The Universe pays you to be YOU”. It’s so true, but it’s more difficult when you push against who you are, when you tell yourself things like:

  • I have to work even though my kids are sick
  • I need to have a “proper” business in order to receive sales
  • I need to be launching
  • I need to have recurring revenue
  • I need to have funnels and automation
  • I can’t receive money through any other means, it HAS to be through my business
  • I have to be “on” all the time
  • I have to be doing things

All of this energetic obligation is literally cutting off your financial manifestations at the beginning… at energy body one. It’s never going to work. You can force it, sure, but you’ll likely burn out (this happens at energy body 3). 
Or we can deep dive through your energy bodies, clearing the shit that doesn’t work, re-establishing your Source Soul connection and your true identity. Removing everything that threatens who you really are, and then starting 2022 strong with a reclamation of “hey, this is who I am, this is how I do life, this is how I do money, and I stand as tall and as strong as a mountain in this truth which is MINE.”
And here’s the beautiful thing… out of this 3 day masterclass, we will all arrive at our own mountainous truth. No two people will have the same truth. No two people will have the same identity. No two people will have the same mission. 
And EVEN if two people have similar ideas…. each will be unique because it will be understood and transmitted through the uniqueness of that individual’s human experience. 
I’m so excited for these 3 days we will spend together, as FAMILY. 
And if you’re not yet in for M.O.R.E. Energy Body 1… maybe reach out to the team and ask if that’s possible for you. Like I said, we’re family. 
All that to say… I’m now ridiculously late so I better crack on with getting this beautiful house ready to host my entire family, bundle the kiddos in the car, and go re-enact that epic airport scene from Love Actually. 
I’m crying already! I might put it on Instagram. I might not. I’m @ask_harriette if you don’t follow me. 
I’m sure I’ll speak to you soon, but whilst I’m in the moment…
Happy CHRISTMAS! Sending all my love from my family to yours. I’m so proud of you, I love you, I love that you’re in my world. Let’s rise together, build new paradigms, and do the thing that everyone told us wasn’t possible… because isn’t that what we’re here for?
Here’s the links for all the things I mentioned:

The Descent (please ignore dates, this will be scheduled to later in Dec or first week in Jan)
My love always