Do you want to learn how to channel?

22:22 on 2/22/22, I sit down to write you this:

It’s not often I work late, but Soul Source obedience is a call worth honouring 100% of the time.

Tonight I shared a masterclass on Instagram live in which I walked everyone through the understandings of 2, 22222, 3, 6, 11, this year (2022), the year of 6, the path of 6, fear, faith, the power of the word and the power of choice.

I’d love for you to watch it too. The replay is here:

There are three key relationships which will serve you well this year:

The first relationship of 2022:

2 – Your relationship with yourself. Through this you will be able to free yourself from the “need” for enlightenment. You’ll realise you are perfect just as you are, and self sabotage disguised as self betterment will cease to be a pattern in your life.

The second relationship of 2022:

2 – Your relationship with other. Through this you will be able to free yourself from the the “need” for one truth. You’ll realise there is no one truth, because truth is only relative to the individuals journey with themselves, and not with another. We cannot all share one truth, therefore there is no need to seek it. Instead we can replace this need with love, compassion & curiosity for the other.

The third relationship of 2022:

2 – Your relationship with the Divine. Through this you will be able to free yourself from the “need” for an identity. You’ll realise we are all just spirit incarnated, woven from the same fabric, channeling the same messages, all on the same mission… to experience Divinity through the human filter, i.e. to experience life.

These three relationships will be the ones you’ll need to carry with you as you journey into the unknown, on the path of 6, in the year of 6:

The Year of the Unknown. 

On this path, in this year, we can choose fear or faith.

For you, I choose faith. 

There are two ways in which I can help you activate your faith:

  • After Dark – the next free offering from Ask Harriette in which you can anonymously ask your deepest darkest questions, the ones you’d never dare to claim as your own. From the darkness I will channel the messages you need to hear to answer your Soul.


  • The Channel – my brand new programme in which I will teach you to channel as I do. Your first lesson is a test of faith. When you get to the landing page, you will see only an image and a button with no further information. All you know is this:


  • it’s called The Channel
  • through it you will journey with me and others
  • you will learn how to Channel in your own unique way
  • the investment is £2222 (PIF or payment plan options)

That’s it. That’s all you know. You have to follow your faith if you want to learn how to channel. If you can’t follow your faith, you’re not ready for this container yet. And that’s OK.

To honour your faith, consider these 3 relationships:

Your relationship with yourself. Do you have faith in yourself that you can learn to channel and turn this opportunity into a life changing one for yourself and others?

Your relationship with me, your teacher. Do you have faith in me as your teacher and in our relationship that this is a journey we can walk together?

Your relationship with the Divine. Do you have faith that you can move the Divine through you and move your ego to one side in order to let Divinity through? Are you ready for that relationship with Source?

Choose After Dark, or choose The Channel, or choose both, but first choose yourself, then the other, and finally the Divine.

The power of 2 is activated through creation in 3.

I highly recommend you watch that Instagram live!

Links you need:

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>>> The Channel <<<

My love always