Confession Time: The truth about my Priestess Journey

Here goes nothing…. confession time:

The truth about my Priestess Journey


“The new way to call someone out is to call yourself out” – Harriette Jackson, the ORIGINAL High Priestess of Light


When I embarked on my Priestess initiation journey, it was a bumpy ride to say the least. I worked with and learned from teachers who were less than honest and certainly didn’t model the integrity and self-respect I imagined a Priestess would embody. Nevertheless I committed, leaned in, studied hard, practiced, and listened to my own Source channel which has been my greatest teacher for many years now. 


Upon completion and initiation I felt called to train more Priestesses in these ways, not just in the skills, but in the qualities a Priestess commands, and I vowed to do it with more honesty, integrity, and respect than what I’d experienced with my teachers. 


I trained my first few Priestesses on a one-to-one basis, and then opened the infamous “Priestess Ring” in 2020, in which I’m currently training a circle of 9 women into their Priestess initiation. Some aspects of their training which require in-person connection have been delayed due to covid but watching them blossom in their own Priestess way has been enlightening to say the least!


The Priestess who initiated me had no interest in serving a greater higher good in the way I do, and she held a bitterness and resentment towards women who wanted to claim what I call “true abundance”, i.e. the acquisition of both material wealth and spiritual wealth. Her short-sightedness led me to pioneer what I call “the Aquarian Priestess Way”.


The methodologies, practices, divination tools, values, and teachings that you see in those I have trained, come from me, not from the Priestess who trained me. 


For many years I have maintained I’m “passing on a lineage” but the only truth about that statement is the energy of Mary Magdalene I carry in my Soul and in my blood, and a handful of the stories, quotes, and lessons I have acquired from my teachers over the years, always giving credit where credit is due.


The lineage was burned, broken, forgotten, and rife with bitterness, resentment, greed, competition, inauthenticity, dishonesty, and no integrity. 


I re-birthed that lineage in many ways to bring purity, power & presence back to it. But what I didn’t do is take ownership of it. I’ve let everyone believe I’m passing on what I’ve been taught, when in truth, I’m passing on my own work, my own creations, my own Source channel information, and in doing so, I’ve allowed my work and my words to flow into the hands and hearts of others without due credit. 


I gave my power away for fear of being TOO powerful.


So naturally, when I witness other Priestesses out there in the world, operating without integrity, honesty, or respect for the lineage, or even themselves, I get angry. 


I processed some of this fury with our in-house coach, Mia, last night, and she said to me: “There’s definitely some calling out to be done but after things have been worked through, I’ve a feeling the WAY it’s called out is part of next level Harriette.”


My response: The new way to call someone out is to call yourself out. 


So here I am calling myself out on my own level of dishonesty and power-battles within my role as a Priestess, and now High Priestess. 


The majority of the knowledge I share does not come from my teachers, it comes direct from my own Source channel. Yes my Source channel is THAT FUCKING POWERFUL.


No this does not mean I do not need teachers, we will always all need teachers, but the only teachers I choose to work with now are those with power similar to my own, and a power that is owned, not copied or falsified. Those teachers are always credited when I pass on their lessons, or even simply conversations I’ve had with them. I call this respect. Respect of my teachers, respect of myself, respect of the lineage of the Priestess. 


I’ve seen many self-proclaimed Priestesses out there, who declare that in order to step into the role of Priestess, no training or initiation is required. I’ve let this slide for almost a year now and it’s time I say enough is enough. 


A self-proclaimed Priestess has no respect for the lineage, no respect for themselves, and certainly no respect for their teachers. Avoidance is an act of disrespect. 


“Training” is a funny word, because I don’t believe I “train” my Priestesses, but I do immerse them in a world where they are held accountable to embodying the Priestess, whilst also being fully in integrity and authenticity as themselves, and in respect of the Mary Magdalene Rose lineage. 


Immersion in, commitment to, and respect of the Priestess role is what makes a Priestess. That can’t be achieved solo, or in a copycat rip-off container. 


And naturally, all the skills I have acquired I pass on, where it’s authentic to do so, including offering so much more than just my few years of Priestess training. The women in my inner-circles get unfiltered access to EVERYTHING I know, have navigated, overcome and healed in my (almost) 33 years, including all of my business & marketing skills, my money mindset and money consciousness teachings, all my energy work, all my magic, the wealth of my experience, and the unfiltered raw power of my Source Channel.


So what is this ‘embodiment of Priestess’ I keep referring to?


? A Priestess is a pioneer. She carves a path for others to follow, until such a time they find the strength, insight, & ability to carve their own. 

? A Priestess is an independent. She does not subscribe to hierarchy, superiority, inferiority or power battles of any description. She does not steal from, cheat on, or hold dominion over any human being. 

? A Priestess is a presence. A powerful presence of deep humility, respect, integrity, servitude, authenticity, humanness and divinity.

? A Priestess is both a teacher and a student, a conduit of forgotten knowledge, Source downloads, and personal experience, woven together to facilitate the healing of humanity. 

? A Priestess is a mother. She births entire worlds through her committed expression of all that has been suppressed. 

? A Priestess is a visionary. She sees what others can’t see and brings a voice to it so we all may share. 

? A Priestess is a channel, channeling the words of Source, the messages & teachings of others (with credit of course), facilitating connections, communities, and a consciousness which is desperate to be reborn. 

? A Priestess is a Light. A Light of truth (often hard truths), integrity, respect, deep honouring of ALL, and servitude to the collective.


The WAY in which a Priestess operates beyond this is entirely unique to her and her journey. 


I call myself the Priestess of Light, as the name was downloaded and delivered to me from Source. It is a name, not a label. It is a point of reference, of the magnitude of my job in this world. It is not a marker of superiority. I am here to SERVE, not to masquerade or command.


My Priestesses all hold different names, none call themselves a Priestess of Light, that would be not be in integrity to who they are and their own Priestess journey. 


When you come into my world to learn from me as a Priestess, I offer you what I can offer you with integrity from my wealth of experience, and the continuous downloads I experience from Source daily. I do not profess to teach you anything I cannot teach with full integrity and respect of the thing. For example, I don’t teach Palmistry myself as I don’t have enough experience with the craft. To teach it myself would be disrespectful and dishonouring to the craft. SO instead, I bring in the man who can teach with genuine authentic knowledge, understanding and experience. 


Respecting the work of others, and honouring them in their own personal commitments & journeys comes naturally to a Priestess. She does not need to claim what is not hers.


There are far too many people out there offering energy healing who have not been properly trained in the modalities. It’s DANGEROUS. Disrespect of the craft is the least of my worries when I witness this. You don’t just fuck with someone’s energy if you don’t know what you’re doing. And you certainly do not disrespect the work & commitment required to become an energy healer practitioner… you may as well be shitting on the ashes of the women who burned at the stake for you to be able to do this work in this lifetime without fear of being tied to a pyre yourself.


I see these self-proclaimed Priestesses operating from the wounded masculine, hustling like crazy, poaching clients, engaging in immoral marketing tactics and unethical sales pitches just to get the money in. They value the money and their personal success over the integrity of the Priestess lineage and the embodiment of the Priestess. 


We don’t need more Patriarchal cunts masquerading as Priestesses, Shamans, shadow workers, or any other form of “healer” for that matter. We need more Priestesses. ACTUAL Priestesses. Women who value the embodiment I describe above more than the money or the perceived power and prowess they THINK comes with the Priestess label (because it’s not a sodding label).


And the irony is this… true embodiment of the Priestess pays dividends beyond your wildest dreams. The absence of ethics, respect & authenticity results in short lived payments and huge karmic debts. 


You’re for humanity, or you’re for yourself. Choose. Decide. 


One of the first Priestess Laws I taught my ladies in the Ring was this: [It] is for everyone, you don’t get to do this for yourself anymore. 


[It] meaning life, your work, your experiences, the processing of your emotions, your truth, your pain, your triggers, your wounds, your healing processes. 


So when I see Priestess out there now, self-proclaimed, dishonouring the craft, engaging in shady business practices, claiming to be something they’re not to make the sale, I’ll be calling them out, and calling them up. But first I call myself out. 


I’ve been dishonest. I’ve hid behind my power. I’ve given my power and my work away without asking for credit. This will be my karmic debt to pay off. 


I own my power, I own my story, I own my gift, and the lineage that runs in the fabric of my being. 


I have no interest in creating cookie-cutter versions of me. I am sworn to deliver true abundance to this Planet, the merging of both spiritual wealth and material wealth. 


? Spiritual wealth is not found in false Priestesses. 


Spiritual wealth is found in those who are brave enough to be authentically, honestly, transparently themselves, in full integrity, and with deep respect for themselves, their teachers, and the words they share with others through their work.


Material wealth follows this. I can show you how I do it. But then I ask you to do it your way.


SourceMind opens next month. We’ll talk about it then, but until then, stay in integrity.

My love always,

Harriette x