It’s almost time to reveal the big secret! If you didn’t see my email the other day, on Monday 26th we launch something very different. The team have been working so hard on it, and it’s BEAUTIFUL… but it’s not what you might expect and definitely not what you’re used to seeing from our launches.

We’ve been having some fun over on Instagram asking you to take a guess as to what it might be. You’ve guessed an app (one day!), new money teachings, jewelry (getting warmer 😉), chakra teachings, a collection of meditations to help you through life (not this time, but we DO have Pocket Priestess if you’re after the audio help vibe)

All great guesses, but no-one’s guessed correctly yet! So here’s a little riddle type clue to help you out…

I am many things, yet I am only one,
I can help you express yourself whilst you get the damn work done,
I satisfy all the senses, but touch is my speciality,
No matter how you choose to engage with me, I always serve attractively
What am I?

If you guess correctly, we’ll enter you into a draw to win a secret prize! Hit reply with your guess, or come over to Instagram and tell us there.

All will be revealed on Monday, but until then, we’ll keep having some fun!

Love always,