Being Ready

“When I’m ready” 

These 3 little words keep us back from so much. 

I’ll start the business… when I’m ready 

I’ll write the book… when I’m ready 

I’ll text that amazing date back… when I’m ready 

I’ll send the invoice… when I’m ready 

I’ll do the IG live… when I’m ready. 

I’ll hire the coach… when I’m ready. 

If you weren’t ready, you wouldn’t exist. Your Soul decided your human experience was necessary, and you incarnated. Your responsibility is to HAVE that experience. All “when I’m ready” does is limit it. 

Yes, boundaries are super important. BUT, when you get really honest with yourself, how often is “when I’m ready” actually an affirmation of your boundaries and how often can it be easily translated into “That action will require me to show up for myself and my contribution and I’d like to avoid that for a little longer so I don’t have to do scary things”. 

What does being ready feel like?

Is it the absence of fear? The absence of ego objection? Space in your schedule? More money in the bank? Regular childcare? 

If you’re waiting for any of those things before you take the next step towards your goals, you’re going to be waiting forever. Ask anyone even remotely successful in their chosen field and their biggest piece of advice will be “do it all before you’re ready”. Because they know, there’s no such thing, there’s only decisive action or doubt and procrastination. 

Today is the last day we’re inviting people to work 1-1 with me or Clare. 

You don’t need to be ready. You just need to be willing. Willing to commit to the truest expression of your human experience and the impact it can contribute to others. 

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We can work together to…

🌹 Upgrade your mindset 
🌹 Eliminate your fears
🌹 Map out your business strategy or career growth plan 
🌹 Create or upgrade your marketing and messaging 
🌹 Learn how to launch the Ask Harriette way!
🌹 Spot the financial leaks that are slowing you down and move you to your next level of abundance 
🌹 Heal relationships with yourself, your money and the world!
🌹 Break your self sabotaging cycles 
🌹 Authentic desire and manifestation 
🌹 Create more visibility and own who you truly are

Love always,