Be Responsible To Your Soul Purpose – It’s The Whole Reason You’re Here!

Hey Gorgeous!



Hope you’re enjoying a lovely weekend, in celebration of the Spring Equinox, if you’re into those more spiritual celebrations!

Fun fact: My daughter, Ostara, is named after this very special day. It marks a new beginning & the rebirth of the Earth after the Winter. I always take the Spring Equinox as an opportunity to do a little spring cleaning, both literally in my physical space and energetically in my emotional spaces, e.g. relationships, old beliefs etc.

Today also marks the start of a new astrological new year as the sun moves into Aries, so in short, whatever your spiritual inclinations, today is a day of New Beginnings!

So I wanted to model something for you, especially those Queens who recently participated in my Command Your Queendom Masterclass, but also to everyone who is aspiring to achieve & receive new levels of abundance in the next 12 months….



I.C.I.C.ME is the acronym I use to describe the 5 things I do every single day without fail to ensure my consistent success. These 5 things get done 7 days a week, no matter what else is going on in my life (I must confess I only re-committed to this again recently after falling off the bandwagon for a bit, but hey… we’re all human!).

I call it being responsible to my Soul Purpose, and truly it doesn’t feel like work at all. It’s just me being be, naturally doing the Soul-Led things I’m called to do, despite the resistances I sometimes hear and feel from my ego. The more I commit though, the quieter the ego becomes. And the more I commit, the more effortless the fulfilment of my Soul Purpose becomes. The more money I make, the more lives I change, the more impact I create on people’s lives, the more fulfilled I feel.

Being responsible to your business, passion project, side hustle, or fledgling start-up, can be really hard. I totally get it.

As women, we’re not just entrepreneurs (or Soul-preneurs), many of us are also juggling multiple hats and obligations whilst working hard on our businesses. It’s very very easy for the ego to convince you to put your business to the bottom of the list, in favour of prioritising a paying job, a family, household obligations, or the urgent need to rest & do nothing.

But that’s not being responsible to your Soul purpose.

Think about your Soul business as a newborn baby, completely dependent on you to show up and serve no matter what else is going on in your life. You might be a hot mess of no sleep, having not showered for days, completely incapable of even dressing yourself or stringing coherent sentences together… but that baby is still fed, washed, burped, bathed, nurtured, and LOVED. As a mother it wouldn’t even enter your mind to not be responsible to your tiny child.

Why is your business or your Soul purpose any different? It’s a simple mindset shift that might set off light bulbs for you (I really hope it does).

Your Soul Purpose is the whole reason you’re here on Earth. The entire Universe decided you and what you have to offer was so important, so needed, and so perfectly suited to you above any other Soul… it decided you should be born. And so… you were born. That’s a pretty big deal Ellie. Probably a big enough deal to show up for it every single day right?!

So, if that hasn’t already sunk in from the Command Your Queendom class, or perhaps you missed that class, allow this message to sink in now.

Whatever is going on in life, show up for your Soul Purpose. The world needs you.

Let today mark a new beginning for you, of fully showing up for and committing to your Soul work.

Let today also mark the day you follow up that commitment with the action of joining my Aquarian Business Mastermind, to ensure your Soul Purpose soars to new heights in the next 12 months.



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My love always

Happy Spring Equinox, and happy new beginnings!


p.s. just for that honest human insight into my life… I am without make up, my back is killing me (pregnancy related), I’m shattered, and would love nothing more than to switch off all devices and disappear into a bubble bath for a few hours, BUT inviting you into your next level, into a new found commitment of responsibility to your Soul purpose… the collective consequence of women like you stepping up… THAT is way more important to me than finding excuses to avoid the half an hour it takes to sit down and write this to you.



p.p.s. my business mastermind is for women who are already established in business, with revenue streams and clients, but looking to scale to 6-figures and beyond. It is not suitable for start-up entrepreneurs, but if you are a newbie entrepreneur, please get in touch, we have more suitable programmes for you!



p.p.p.s.  the link to my mastermind once more for ease, love you!