An invitation to Rise (again).

Happy Sunday my loves, and Happy Easter. It’s not often I write on Sundays but when the message calls, I respond.

Today is Easter – the day many across the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. I’m not a practicing Christian, and certainly can’t quote the bible flawlessly, but many Christian teachings have stayed with me since childhood. For clarities sake, I was Christened as a baby, married a Jewish man, have a huge affinity for paganism, initiated as a Priestess of Light in 2017, but don’t consider myself as belonging to any religion or specific spiritual teaching.

For me “spirituality” is quite simply a faith in humanity, and that which connects us all as One.

That said, I do feel a connection to Jesus (Yeshua is my preferred name for Him), and often channel his messages, his wisdom, and his teachings. Christ Consciousness is something I’m growing further into, especially as I approach my 33rd year in just a few weeks time.

One of the Yeshua teachings that feels really potent this weekend is the love we have for our enemies. 

The world seems increasingly polarised, to the point I wonder if we can stretch the duality any further before we snap completely. Has lockdown made it worse? Was it coming anyway? Is the current status quo always part of the Divine Plan? Questions we’ve all surely driven ourselves mad with.

I see so many beautiful Souls calling for unity, for oneness, for healing and forgiveness, to accept each other and love each other regardless of our opposing views, differing Truths, and clashing missions. And yet hatred, vengeance, self-righteousness, bitterness, victim consciousness, and blame are rife across social media, mainstream media, and present in everyone’s lives in some way shape or form.

Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, the vaccine conversation, and so many other topics have us at each others throats the world over. It’s a travesty to witness. It calls upon the justice seeker in all of us… and yet I have to wonder, do we make it worse by fighting the fight with more fight?! Is there a better way?

Is this the death before the re-birth? The death of all that does not serve us so we can Rise into a higher consciousness, i.e. letting go of vengeance and moving into a state of simply bein
g a better human?! One can only hope.

Before we ask that, I’ve been asking myself recently “does vengeance serve a purpose”? 

I’ve been in a state of vengeance many times in my life. Every betrayal, every heartbreak, every time I’ve been “attacked” in someway shape or form, I’ve slipped into a state of vengeance. I guess it’s natural right? To want revenge on those who have brought you or your loved ones harm.

The old ‘positive take’ cliche is that “the best revenge is to become an even better version of yourself”, typically in response to a messy or hurtful relationship breakup. But even then, is it truly conscious and in service to the greatest highest good? Should forgiveness not perhaps take place first? Rising to prove ourselves or validate ourselves doesn’t sound as healthy as forgiveness, healing, and loving FIRST, before re-birthing ourselves.

The last few weeks I’ve found myself on the receiving end of attack. I mentioned it briefly on Thursday’s IG live, not to give details, but just to acknowledge events and share gratitude to those of you have sent outpourings of love and appreciation for my work. Betrayal and back stabbing have been recurrent themes throughout my life… as a conscious human it really does push you to the place of “is it me?!”That’s a tough conversation to hold within yourself. The cycle had something to teach me: to love FIRST.

This time feels different, or at least I’ve chosen to respond differently in order to close out the cycle. It’s an invitation to deepen my Christ Consciousness, i.e. my “what would Jesus do?!”, my practice of love for all, including those who trash me on the internet, and an opportunity to re-birth and rise even higher into my Soul mission, the transformational work I do on this Planet, and the way in which I show up in selfless service to all, even those who choose to disagree with me in judgement of me.

Jesus modelled for us how to love the unloveable, forgive the unforgivable, and heal the unhealable. He rose again to show us exactly how this could be possible.

Religious affinities aside, if you were to have your own death, re-birth and rising this weekend, what would you choose to let go of and rise into instead?

👑 Would you let go of the pain you hold? Could you?
👑 Would you let go of the beliefs that prevent beautiful relationships with other Souls? Could you?
👑 Would you let go of the judgement of others? Could you?
👑 Would you let go of one-sided perspectives and opinions? Could you?

👑 Could you show more love, support and celebration of others?
👑 Could you let bygones be bygones to create more peace within yourself?
👑 Could you accept another you’d previously dismissed or rejected?
👑 Could you release the needing to know the unknowable and/or the unknown?

Could you give yourself and others the love, forgiveness, and healing we all deserve?

Food for thou
ght this bank holiday weekend. If this spoke to you, hit reply and let me know.

And to my fellow truth-speakers and seekers on the internet, if you’ve had people speak ill of you, bad-mouth you, or share hurtful & harmful things about you, remember this… Mary Magdalene was trashed for thousands of years, and her legacy still lives on with the full force of the Divine Feminine. You’ve got this! Of course we can’t speak of Yeshua without acknowledging and witnessing the power of his beautiful counterpart! Let us learn to embody both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. Toxic masculinity and toxic femininity cause nothing but pain and strife. May we all learn from the lessons they shared in service to us all.

My love always


p.s. we are now 7 inside the Quantum mastermind, and 8 inside the SourceMind mastermind … if you’d like to chat to me about joining both or either, feel free to book in a chat here.

p.p.s. my speaking of Jesus / Yeshua isn’t intended to cause any further polarity, division, or offence. I appreciate this is the first time I’ve spoken of Him in this capacity which may come as a surprise to many. I accept all religious beliefs and affinities in my world. The choices of others have no bearing on the capacity of my work to change lives. I think to have a faith of any kind is a beautiful thing, but equally it’s not a requirement of ‘life’, and should not be judged as such.