A Message From Your Soul & Your Priestess


It’s payday. In the U.K it’s a bank holiday. The vibes are in full flow. Do I need any other excuses to re-open The Money Consciousness Method for ONE DAY ONLY?? 🤩

I really wanted to do something extra special for those of you who missed out last week. So if your excuse on Friday was you were waiting for payday… here it is!! 😉

>> The MCM is open again for today only, flash sale vibes << 

If you’ve messaged me over the weekend to tell me how upset you are that you didn’t take action, now is your chance. 

If you’ve been kicking yourself for the last two days because you missed the boat, now is your chance. 

If the doors closing was what needed to happen for you to realise this is absolutely where your Soul desires to be, from my Soul to yours… here is your chance!! 

Act fast, the doors will close again tonight and the money consciousness train really will have left the station, with the next scheduled departure over a year away in Summer 2022. 

Sometimes we need to experience the feeling of letting an opportunity slip through the net in order to realise fully that it was for us. If you’ve come to that realisation, I don’t want to leave you behind. 

The people who joined last week are ALREADY seeing results just from the pre-work and module one. We haven’t even started the live coaching yet! 

“I received and implemented the money code yesterday and immediately saw results. Like immediately. MCM is worth it for that alone but you will be getting so so so much more. Harriette is the real deal. She is the third coach I have hired and by far the best. Her content is incredible, her advice is unmatched, her team is phenomenal— I really can’t think of a reason to not go for it. Trust, take a step forward, and love every second of your future”

“I have to share this story! I listened to most of the free webinar’s except for the Priestess one!! I was faffing about deciding whether to join the MCM programme and started to sign up last week, then fear and doubt stopped me!! Yesterday I filled up my car with petrol. It cost 60 pounds! I went home, had a back and forth conversation with Harriette about whether to join! I realised that by blocking my energy, it was going to impact me and my children long term!! So I signed up!!! Feelings of anxiety and dread and a bit more fear, filled me!! Anyway, I woke up this morning with a huge sense of ease and relief! I checked online whether my pay had gone into my bank account and there it was…….. payment pending, Tesco fuel…….. £1.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have since checked and no other petrol payments have appeared!!!!
Seriously, my head is blown and this is just the beginning!!!”

“I just printed off the workbook for the assignment just sent out. I checked the mail and my water bill is less than I was expecting! I paid some bills today also. Just checked my account to see what had cleared. I saw my usual paycheck in pending, then another deposit pending for a little more than the cost of this program! Wow! Just wow! I was not expecting that.”

“Omg I had to share this as I’m soooo frigging happy I listened to Harriette!!!
Last week can’t remember which day Harriette spoke about doing one thing to get some money flowing into your business and she gave us a few suggestions.
One of my biggest fears prior to starting the 6 days was spending money on things like Facebook ads as I had a LOT of debt and a single mum that I was trying to manage. My fear was the uncertainty spending money on ads of no guarantee of ROI. After doing the 6 days and listening to Harriette free from debt audio I reframed my fear of spending money on ads and did one on Friday advertising my mindset & energy mentoring for the music industry.
Today, I got an email from a US recording studio that wants me to be part of their artist development programme delivering mindset & energy alignment mentoring as part of their package to their members, one day a week for a 14 week contract, we’ve since spoken and the wheels are in motion to make it’s a done deal!!
I’d already signed up yesterday for the money consciousness course but if I hadn’t I know 100% I’d of been signing up today with that big sign. Thank you massively Harriette Jackson & team. Dancing in the kitchen with excitement that money is finally flowing my way!!”

“I’ve heard that when you sign up and invest in a class, the class starts working for you right away.
Today I received my first Universal Credit payment. Enough to give me a push  while creating much more. I am new to  the UK and it has taken me 2 years to be able to receive help from the gvmt. I have a sense of peace and gratitude, knowing that everything is ok.” 

And this is just the beginning!! Second chance, one day only, make it happen for yourself! 

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Love always,