A lot of your energy work is just pleasant avoidance

Energetic & emotional intelligence

There’s a “formula” (for lack of a better word) that I’ve been using for some time now in life and in business. It’s really basic. It looks like this:

Energy. Strategy. Energy. Repeat.

The third energy piece is an expansion of the first energy piece. The energy to strategy ratio is 2:1.

We all know energy is everything.

And what I often see in business owners and entrepreneur leaders is something that looks a little like this:

 Inspired idea. Heart-led, soul-fulfilled idea. ALL THE IDEAS and feel good vibes around what you want to do.

Followed by strategy.
Followed by “this isn’t working”. Hmm I better sort my energy :thinking_face:

The “sorting energy” piece is half baked at best because it’s impossible to “sort” anything without knowledge, or without energetic and emotional intelligence.

So a few journaling pieces later. A nice long walk. An Epsom salt bath. And some [apparently] intuitively placed crystals and angel guidance cards… we foolishly lead ourselves into believing the energy piece is done. And go back to “trying to make the strategy plan work”.

Do you feel called up? I hope so.

This isn’t a dig. I’m not throwing shade. I’m highlighting where so many of us go wrong and then wonder why it’s still not working and why we aren’t where we want to be.

The energy work is not spirituality woo-woo. It’s science. Specifically the meta-physics of your quantum energy field.

Spirituality has its place, don’t get me wrong. I’m a freaking High Priestess for pity’s sake. My mother should have named me woo-woo :joy:
And strategy has its place too. I’ve been running multiple highly successful businesses for 15 years now. Many of which established their success long before I started down the spirituality path.

But the science bit… the science actually connects you to yourSelf.

You will learn so much about who you are, about your habits, beliefs and behaviours, and about why life has happened the way it has so far when you learn the science of emotional and energetic intelligence.

The energy work IS the biggest work. The science where you meet yourself is what holds the strategy and spirituality pieces in a solid foundation.
Nothing can be built on a wobbly foundation.

Hence: energy, strategy, energy, repeat.

And yet from nothing comes everything. Energy really can be everything.

I’ve been saying it for years and despite significant evidence to back it up, even I had my moments of doubt.

Until recently… where energy work and energy work alone quantum leaped my financial status and cash flow.

I did NOTHING. No strategy. No crystals. No marketing. No tarot. No social media posts. No saging. No emailing. No dowsing.

I didn’t even have an Epsom salt bath. I opted for bubbles for the first time in a gazillion years!! :joy:

The ONLY thing I did was energy body work. For 3 days. The results: EXPONENTIAL…

A £16,000 cash day from the Ask Harriette business. Followed by a government refund. Followed by the sale of one of our cars after 6 months of “trying”. Multiple cash-Rich days in ALL my companies. And more.

It just blew up. The floodgates opened.

All I did was energy work.

Specifically the 10 energy bodies work.

I’m teaching anyone who desires energetic and emotional intelligence how to work with their own 10 energy bodies, otherwise known as your Quantum Field, over 12 monthly mini-courses, starting with Energy Body 1 in December (i.e, next week!). 

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My love always,