The Law of Abundance

The Spiritual Fast Track For Mastering Your Money Mindset (& Your Bank Balance)

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? Do you find yourself with more month left over at the end of the money?

? Do you often wish you had more money to buy the things you really desire?

? Do you often find yourself budgeting in order to ‘manage’?

? Do you stick your head in the sand when it comes to paying bills?

? Do you resent surprise bills and unexpected costs?

? Would life be easier if you had more money?

? Have you already tried your hand at manifesting? Perhaps it works for everything else apart from manifesting money?

? Do you get frustrated trying to figure out the Law of Attraction? Could it be working better for you?

? Would you like to be able to manifest effortlessly and easily?

? Would you like the spiritual key to financial freedom?

Then This Abundance Training Is For You!

I know all those feelings

I’ve been through all those emotions

I know what it’s like to throw envelopes in the kitchen drawer without opening them

I’ve felt the horror upon discovering my bank balance is lower than what I thought

I’ve reached the end of my overdraft weeks before my next pay check

I’ve envied people around me who always seemed to have more

I’ve starved myself in every way just to keep my head above water

I’ve even gotten myself £250,000 in debt and on the verge of bankruptcy

Before I decided to do something about my money mindset

Before I discovered the Law of Abundance

The Law Of Abundance changed everything for me

I suddenly realised I didn’t have to work my arse off 20 hours a day 7 days a week

I recognised that in mastering my money mindset, I was actually mastering my entire life

I arrived at the decision that being abundant meant I could be of high service to the world

And being of high service beats being stressed out & worried all the time

Because that doesn’t help anyone!

You helped me to understand that I was allowed to be just me.

You opened my eyes on the law of attraction.

You taught me everything I didn’t know about how to attract money

Forever grateful

Sarah Edwards

In the most simple terms working with you has amplified abundance in every area of my life…personally, professionally, financially, and spiritually. Thank you!

Laura Muirhead

Priestess of Alchemy, Alchemy ABC

I wanted to work with someone who was authentic and passionate about their ‘personal mission’, as well as someone that has walked the walk in business. Harriette fits that bill. I appreciate her straight forwardness and ability to listen; she has helped me build the clarity I need for my entrepreneurial vision.

Thank you Harriette.

Sivaroshan Sahathevan

Yogi & Entpreneur, The Two Doves

Discovering The Universal Laws and The Law of Abundance Changed Everything For Me

Applying the Law of Abundance to my life meant I successfully:

?Cleared all that debt I was carrying around

?Saved my two companies from bankruptcy

?Built up four more companies

?Now generate a healthy 7 figures and on track to 8 figures

?Frequently fly first class to beautiful destinations

?Have more than enough to provide for me and my family

?Get to travel the world speaking and visiting my clients

?Frequently get to spoil my clients with treats and gorgeous retreat days

?Witness my clients transforming their lives before my very eyes using the same Laws

?Impact hundreds and thousands of people with this knowledge every single day (and that’s my freakin’ day job!!)

?Get to make financially free decisions

?Purchased a family home in London last year for £1,000,000

?Regularly invest in my own self-development and business growth (because we can never stop expanding and learning more)

?And so much more!

And I did all of this with speed!

I was hooked on the vision of Harriette since I found her on a podcast interview. I immediately was drawn to her honesty and authenticity. She helped me through money mindset blocks and I feel much more confident as myself in this world of mostly competition. She opened my eyes to so many possibilities, they are endless. She is an amazing personality and knows her sh***.


I have just loved the Money mindset course! The course is really simply laid out and has a clear focus. Harriette is just a lovely person and so inspiring! She is also very “real” which I love and is teaching things that she has had direct experience of. I have had such huge shifts in my mindset and limiting beliefs. The course has helped me step out into my true purpose and be brave and courageous to take real action to achieve my goals. These have been such powerful shifts that started happening almost as soon as I started the course! I would encourage anyone to take the course, it has been worth every penny. It has been such a joy to work with Harriette personally too and I look forward to working with her again!

Anne Bird

Life Coach

And Now It’s Your Turn To Master The Law of Abundance!

The Law of Abundance Bundle Includes:

?The Entire Universal Laws Course

(All 11 laws contained in four mind-blowing videos)

BRAND NEW Law of Abundance DEEP DIVE trainings

?Access to the replay videos from the Live Event I held in London: The Light Tour

?Never before seen footage of The Light Tour Philadelphia


?PLUS: THE Abundance Meditation (the one to activate your Abundant Light Spark inside of you)

?PLUS: My Abundance Journal Prompts to help you clear the fear, and elevate your way into abundance with speed

?PLUS: The brand new Law of Abundance Deep Dive eBook

Value: £400+

Your Investment:

Just £88 ?

Open Up Your Money Flow

Money Is Just Energy

And Like Energy, Money Needs To Flow!

If you’re experiencing money blocks, cash flow issues, abundance scarcity, we need to get your energy moving again, and the easiest and most effective way to do that is to get you back into the money flow… by investing in your self again!

When you say YES to investing in you, the Universe also says YES to investing in you, and that money flow comes back to you tenfold.

This is why my clients end up working with me for months and months, and even years, because they recognise when they invest in themselves, their money flow becomes super charged, and they keep generating more and more abundance, so they keep investing more and more in abundance-growth and programmes just like this one!

I’ll give you a little insight:

The first step of my Money Mindset System is:

Connection To Spirit

It is so so so important that you understand, live and breathe the Law of Abundance.

THIS is your fast track to financial freedom.

Not budgeting. Not paying down debt. Not being frugal.

Living in fear isn’t working for you

Chucking those envelopes in the drawer isn’t working for you

Convincing yourself you ‘can’t afford it’ isn’t working for you

Continuing your daily money struggle ISN’T WORKING FOR YOU

The very definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

So Do Something Different!!

Hi Harriette

I’ve literally just finished the replay and absorbed every second of it had to even rewind and pause and rewind just to really take it all in.

I am literally still in such a high and continuously WOW!!

Thank you so so much you’re such a beautiful soul.

I’m in the process of wanting to open my own business which I’ve always wanted to do but never been strong enough or had self belief.

You are the light I believe has been sent to me to give me that push.

Rebecca Ann

Forgiveness Guru




I think I just watched the 3 most beautiful, most interesting lectures I have ever watched in my whole life. University is nothing compared with this, holy shit. I don’t have words to describe the information I encountered in the 3 Universal Laws Classes. All my doubts went away, I had no problem integrating all the information. It was not about ‘believing’ anymore, it was about knowing, knowing internally. Knowing that everything about those Laws is actually true. 

Thank you very, very much for sharing this knowledge with me (and the world), thank you for doing what you do. Miracles do exist.

Niels Rampan

Harriette is a great sounding board for any challenges that you are facing around business. She has learned from the bottom up and is really tuned into the demands of modern business (i.e social media trends & technology).


I wanted to work with someone who was authentic and passionate about their ‘personal mission’, as well as someone that has walked the walk in business. Harriette fits that bill. I appreciate her straight forwardness and ability to listen; she has helped me build the clarity I need for my entrepreneurial vision.

Thank you Harriette.

Sivaroshan Sahathevan

Yogi & Entpreneur, The Two Doves, Copy Power

From Harriette

Hey Gorgeous!

I am so freaking excited about this offer. I’m taking understanding of the Universal Law of Abundance to the NEXT LEVEL, and I couldn’t be more humbled to be able to share all of this incredible knowledge with you!

It is my intention for you that these trainings, meditations, and guides allow you to release your money fears and your abundance blocks so you can step into a life you truly deserve.

It was only a few years ago I was banging my head against the wall, counting pennies, and working every hour God sent to try and make ends meet, and I just couldn’t figure it out.

I had no clue there was a spiritual fast-track.

I thought I’d mastered the Law of Attraction but I was attracting everything apart from the money I needed to get out of the financial hole I was in!

Even years later when I was making good money, I still struggled to hang on to the money I was making, and so I still felt stressed and broke.


It changed EVERYTHING for me.

It was more than just a realisation. It was a new responsibility and power I embodied which literally changed my life overnight.

I can’t tell you how much I desire this for you too.

My soul purpose and mission is to bring true Abundance back to Planet Earth.

It’s an old truth we’ve long forgotten, but it’s a magic and a prophecy that really does exist for each and every one of you.

I hear you when you say “but I can’t afford it”, or “I don’t have time to watch the videos”, but honey, I maintained that excuse for years and it got me nowhere.

Dare to do something different!

Dare to disrupt the pattern behaviour you’re in!

Dare to love yourself just a little bit more, and then absorb all this knowledge like a sponge.

The Universal Laws CHANGE LIVES.

I want it to change yours too.

My love always

Harriette xxx

How It Works

This course is held completely online! 

The seven videos have been recorded for you. 

You have completely unlimited replays. 

You will receive access to Harriette’s Private “Do It With Divinity” Facebook group upon enrolling. 

Receive Access to EVERYTHING Immediately Upon Enrolment.

You’ll have all course content and future updates forever.