It’s completely safe for you to be FULLY YOU

Happy Fri-Yay yoo gorgeous hoomans

I had the most prolific dream last night, and the Source messages are literally pouring through me this morning as a result.

👑 It has never been more safe for you to be fully you, to be fully seen, to be fully heard, to be fully expressed

For such a long time, so many of us, have bore the weight of ancestral conditioning, of patriarchal conditioning, of suppression, silence and a strangulation of our Soul rights.

It’s no wonder we haven’t been able to breathe life into who we truly are. 

That and the fact that energetically, it felt like we spent most of our lives up until this point under water… in the Piscean Age, rarely breaching the surface to gasp air.

Last night my ancestors came to me in dream form and gave me full permission to be fully me.

Permission to remove their conditioning from my genes, from my bones, from my blood.

I want to pass that permission on to you.

💔 You don’t have to live in fear of doing something wrong any more, just for being you.

💔 You don’t need to sit still and be quiet like a good little girl or boy.

💔 You don’t have to do what all the other people in the room are doing.

💔 You don’t have to do what all the other people in the world are doing.

💔 You don’t have to censor yourself, dim your light, or keep your thoughts to yourself.

💔 You don’t have to model anyone else’s “success habits”.

💔 You don’t have to go to school, get a job, put money in a savings pot, or buy a semi-detached (if you don’t want to).

💔 You don’t have to start a business or become a freelance entrepreneur (if you don’t want to).

💔 You don’t have to do things because you think you should want them, because isn’t that what everyone wants? No.

💔 You don’t have to do anything they told you to do, anything you think you should do, anything that comes from a space of obligation.

💔 You don’t have to appease your parents, your partner, or your peers.

💔 You don’t have to fit in a box, a mould, or an expectation.

💔 You don’t have to stress about life because “that’s normal”.

💔 You don’t have to do anything that is deemed normal.

👑 You DO get to question everything.

👑 You DO get to pause for a sec before playing out the same roles and behaviours of everyone around you.

👑 You DO get to do life and business completely your way.

Perhaps you’ve been trying to do it your way for years and it never really “worked”. I urge you to try again. The Aquarian Age is making so much more available for us. Just because it didn’t work before, doesn’t mean it won’t work now. Try it and see!


👑 Set a schedule that works for you. Complete the tasks that feel good you. Follow the plan that feels right for you.

👑 Do it completely your way. Say what you want to say, do what you want to do, be how you want to be.

👑 Free yourself from expectations, obligations, fear of judgement, social “norms”… wtf is normal anyway?!

It’s time for different. It’s time for change. It’s time for you to be fully and unapologetically YOU!

👯‍♀️ Earlier this week I took my daughter to ballet class. She’s 2. It was a socially distanced ballet class.

I imagine this will be greeted with responses from two main camps:



  1. “She’s two, for pities sake, socially distanced… really?!”


  1. “Well my 2 year old understands social distancing, and it’s important all 2 yr olds should”

🤣 Well, chaps, my 2 year old couldn’t give a crap about rules, mine or anyone else’s. She was off like a rocket, so confident, so fully expressed, excited and alive and truly living her best life. She fully immersed herself in every single second of the opportunity in front of her and audibly expressed her joy and delight with constant giggling and toddler exclamations. NOTHING, not even me, could hold her back.

And for a few moments, I tried. I caught myself begging her to please sit still on her socially distanced mat, the one she’d been assigned. I pleaded her with her to please be less vocal so she wasn’t shrieking over the teacher. I even held her in a bear hug to stop her running into the “assigned spaces” of the other children, all of whom were obediently clung to their mothers and their mats. I held the back of her t-shirt as she wrestled with me to fly off once again around the room, twirling in her tutu and fairy wings.

But I lost the battle, and in that moment I reclaimed a part of myself I lost years ago.

Permission to be FULLY ME no matter what every one else is doing. Truly every battle I ‘lose’ against my fierce AF two year old is a win for us all.

She epitomises the Aquarian Age spirit of permission to be fully and unapologetically expressed.

Who am I to pass on the conditioning and suppression of my ancestors?
How DARE I try to suppress, quieten and restrain my own child?
How dare I succumb to the social pressures and glaring looks of other mothers (to be fair none of them seemed to mind)?
How DARE I attempt to uphold the Piscean Patriarchal ways in my own family when I actively preach the change for us all?

Well I dare not. I did for a moment, and then I released it. Has my 2 year old broken the ancestral pattern once and for all? They warned me she’d be powerful!

I digress.

I will share this though: It was uncomfortable letting her be fully her in those first few moments before I fully embraced it.

Sometimes it’s still uncomfortable being fully me.

You will probably find it uncomfortable being fully you, and find more discomfort in accepting others as they show up fully as themselves.

We’re here to break norms. You’re reading this because you’re part of the same movement. You incarnated to make change.

The change: BE MORE FULLY YOU. 

Journal / ponder prompt:

🖋 If you were to be more fully you today, what would that look like?

My love always


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