Do You Fit The World or Does The World Fit You?

Hey lovelies! 


There are two types of people on this Planet.. 


Those who change themselves to fit the world. 

And those who change the world to fit all shapes and sizes! 


No lie, being in that second category is no picnic. Lots of people want to be, but either don’t know it’s an option or are too scared to embrace being different. The first category is much easier, you can even have a pretty ok life doing it. You can make a decent living, buy a fairly decent house, enjoy a night or two at the pub after work each week and take a fancy holiday or two a year (pre-covid anyway)! 


It’s simple, it’s effortless and you get to trundle through life without disrupting anything or creating too much of a racket. But here’s the problem… that way of life actually requires you to give up SO much. It requires you to settle, to accept a whole bunch of restrictive thought patterns and beliefs without question, it creates division you’re not always aware of and at worst it makes the world an unsafe place for anyone who doesn’t “fit the norm”. 


NONE of us fit the norm, because the norm is a prescription for an illness that doesn’t exist. I was watching something on TV the other night in which a man wished his gay son would hide who he is in order to make the world a safer place for him. When he was challenged on this, his response was “Of course I wish it was different, but I can’t change the world”. It’s easier to change yourself right? It’s easier to deny aspects of yourself… from sexuality right through to what you really desire to be, do and have in the world, if it doesn’t fit “the norm”, it’s easier to shut those parts of you down than it is to live abundantly and boldly as YOU. 


But what if you COULD change the world Ellie? 


What if it was much easier than you think? What if denying yourself and forcing yourself to fit a square peg in a round hole is actually the far more difficult option? Take it from someone who’s slowly but surely chipping away at the general fucks given, being in the first category becomes intolerable. 


Changing the world starts by changing your own mindset, your own vibration, your own core beliefs and it starts with a decision to live authentically, honouring ALL parts of yourself, all desires, all dreams, all passions and following your true purpose without apology. 

Keara, an Ask H client recently turned staff member said this in our team Slack chat today… 


Just me popping on to completely crush on School of Mastery. Like…this shit is unbelievable. What an epic collection. What else could you need? REALLY! I was trying to think of what is missing or what else I am needing in this moment that I can’t find here…but IT. IS. EVERYTHING. The only thing that is not EXACTLY on the SoM site is the community…and that is built in!! Harriette you are an energetic revolutionary. So proud to be a part of this team. Talk about changing the world…you’re doing it. We’re doing it.”


You have far more power than you’ve been led to believe. You get to decide EXACTLY how you use your time here on Earth, how much money you make, what experiences you have, where and how you show up, what you give your energy to, what boundaries you want to enforce, how much passion you allow in, how you travel, how you meet people, how many different places you live in, how much you grow… you even get to decide to create literal magic. 


All you need is a different education, one that can be found inside the School of Mastery. 


Mastery of life, money, business, career, magic, spirituality, the Universe, yourself. And the list goes on. 


You don’t need to change anything about yourself, dim any of your light, deny any of your desires or settle for ANYTHING. You get to change the world to fit YOU. 


Join us in the School of Mastery here. 


I’ll see you in class!

Mia xx