Virtual VIP Day!

Thursday 28th March

1pm – 7pm GMT (8am – 2pm EST)

6 hours of Money Mindset Coaching, Spiritual Awakening, Energy Clearing, Healing & Templating AND SO MUCH MORE!

We begin in:








THE Leading Money Mindset Expert and Coach, & Priestess of Light

Bringing you Soul-shaking, heart-breaking (yes this shit gets real), life-awakening transformation in JUST ONE DAY.

How this is going to go down:

We spend a day together, virtually, in a group of high high high vibe souls who are aching for up-levelling and transformation.

Here’s what’s in it for you:

my signature Money Mindset System Breakthrough Method,

blow your mind with Quantum Leaping practices,

teach you a whole new way to look at life and the Universe,

guide you through an energy healing, and clearing,

and then give you the tools to template your own energy

so you can consistently keep upgrading even after the VIP day is over.

Last time I did energy templating with clients was at the in-person VIP day in Florida in January. Two of the women in attendance wanted to join my Soul Sister Mastermind in February but had no idea how they would make that possible for themselves.

I templated on them. And showed them how to template their own energy and consistently upgrade it.

A few weeks later… they BOTH joined the Soul Sister Mastermind. Obviously.

Because this shit is powerful AF. I don’t play. Frankly I don’t have time and I’m so over telling you you have a right and responsibility to Abundance. This time I’m SHOWING you how to make it possible.


Oh, the price… here’s the best bit!

It’s only £272!!

(And you can pay in instalments over 3 weeks if you want to for just £91 per week.)

This WILL sell out and spaces are limited!

Can’t make it live? Don’t worry, you’ll have lifetime access to this so you can watch the replay anytime, but we will curate the replay for you so you can easily access all the components of the day, and then watch it again and again and again to consistently upgrade your money mindset, and your energy templates so you’re forever manifesting abundance into your life.

For Pay In Full Peeps I have two bonuses for you:

  • A pre-recorded video training for you on all things money & consciousness
  • A coupon code to use for the in-person New York full day event of £272 (basically meaning you get this virtual day for free when you join me in New York for the day)

You know how this works, places are first come first served…

Don’t miss out!

See you there gorgeous

Love always

Harriette x

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