The Universal Laws

For life, for business, for relationships, for health, for mindset, for money, for alignment….


I’ve never shared this content with ANYONE

Not even my family

Understanding the Universal Laws allows you to manifest and manipulate your life in ways that create exponential success

The Universal Laws are like Kryptonite (any Super man fans here?)

These Laws are also completely unwritten and only accessible from the Akashic Record Halls, unless of course you happen to stumble upon a class with someone who does have access… and then of course you can write them down for yourself!

The Laws are Universal and can be interpreted and applied in any way you wish.

Any attemps to use the Laws for harm against another person would inevitably back fire, but using these Laws for personal development, self growth, ascension, financial gain, security and freedom… well that’s what they’re intended for!

YES The Universe does want you to be abundant… but that’s a topic we’ll look at when we get to addressing the Universal Abundance Laws.

This class is delivered in three segments, and each class will be about 45 minutes to an hour long. The live class has now ended but you are welcome to watch the replays.

You will have lifetime access to the videos, which means a lifetime understanding of Universal Laws.

This knowledge will heighten your understanding of how energy really works, and I will show you how to apply them to every area of your life, including business, relationships, careers, money, mindset, opportunities, growth, and so much more!

If there was one piece of information your soul was desperate to remember… it’s this!

The Universal Laws are your birth right. Reclaim it now!

For just £44

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Just £44

Dear Harriette,




I think I just watched the 3 most beautiful, most interesting lectures I have ever watched in my whole life. University is nothing compared with this, holy shit. I don’t have words to describe the information I encountered in the 3 Universal Laws Classes. After I had the Discovery Call (which I’m extremely grateful for) with Harriette, I became extremely excited. Even though I had a lot of doubt before the call, I knew that I had to be at that place at that time. I wanted to binge-watch all the classes, but when I just began the first class, I made a promise that I would do 1 class a day, because I wanted to maintain full focus while studying and receiving the information. All my doubts went away, I had no problem integrating all the information. I had zero resistance throughout all the classes, which is really strange for me because I naturally was a skeptic before. Of course I made a lot of notes, and got a lot of questions which I’m dying to ask when I get the chance to be coachend by Harriette, but everything, literally everything ‘clicked’ with me. It was not about ‘believing’ anymore, it was about knowing, knowing internally. Knowing that everything about those Laws is actually true. Even though I had no problem integrating all the information, it was intense to receive the information. I felt extremely humbled that modern technology gives me (and thousands of other people across the globe) the opportunity to access such beautiful, divine information. I felt humbled that Harriette took the time to communicate with me, I felt humbled that I was ready to receive this information, I can’t describe this. I think this symbol comes close the most ??, even though I’m not religious.

My soul has woken up to its purpose, and even though I always wanted to be in service of other people, the fire that I feel now, the fire that this whole journey lit in me is unexplainable. It is forceful in a beautiful way. I remember what I came to do here, and I will! As I said, everything fell into place.  I can’t wait to follow my joy and continue on this journey. 

Thank you very, very much for sharing this knowledge with me (and the world), thank you for doing what you do. Miracles do exist.


Niels Rampen