Want A Free ‘Power Hour’ Coaching Session Avec Moi?

As part of the Ask Harriette Members Club revamp (more details to follow), I’m introducing a regular open group coaching call called ‘The Power Hour’ on the first Monday of every month.

The perfect way to kick start your month, set goals, align your energy to your desires, clear limiting beliefs, pick my brain to your hearts content, and generate some kick ass momentum and accountability.

Someone say ‘Success Formula’ !!

I do this every single month with my coach and it works wonders. Honestly. 

We get so close to our goals and our businesses and our lives that we often can’t see the wood for the trees as the saying goes.

I consider myself to be a phenomenal coach (no ego involved here… that’s my identity and I’m freakin’ well owning it!), but for all my coaching abilities and experience, I can’t coach myself. No one can. It’s just too personal.

Which is what makes having a coach so powerful.

So basically I’m going to insist on being your coach. Just for one hour.

As a celebration of the arrival of ‘The Power Hour’ I’m opening up the first session to EVERYONE… you included 🙂

This is not just for existing Ask Harriette Club members. This is for you too.

And don’t we just LOVE this name by the way… ‘The Power Hour’ … I’m totes in love. Feel like I’ve made a brand new baby. Actually let’s not go there because I’m super broody right now and babies just make me well up. TMI?!

Register here for Monday’s Power Hour.

1pm UK time (that’s 8pm in Aus somewhere, and 8am in New York… I think?!)

Don’t be shy and don’t make excuses. Resistance is futile because I’ll get you one day, muahaha! No I’m joking… but seriously… you get all of me in this hour.

No holding back. No ‘you have to pay me to get the answers you really need’.

It’s full frontal coaching. Without the nudity. Because that would be weird.

So see ya Monday?!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Register here for Monday’s Power Hour.

Love you always!

Harriette x

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