An exclusive online class coming to you

April 22nd at 7pm UK time (BST).

 The LIVE CLASS is over! But you can catch the replay for just £27!


Be the first people IN THE WORLD to hear this knowledge, divinely downloaded from source directly into yours truly, the Priestess of Light (aka Ask Harriette).

For thousands of years we have stood alone in the face of ignorance, in the absence of truth, protected from the powerful knowledge which would provide us with the very keys we needed to unlock our freedom.

As the Consciousness of the planet continues to shift, we enter the Aquarian age. A time of rebirth, a time of mastery, a time of awakening, and of ascension.

And as we rise, we do so together, for the highest greatest good of all humanity. Seeking the Light, unfolding the shadows, uncovering the magic of Divinity, that resides within all of us in the form of Duality.

By the hundreds and thousands we are entering a feeling of wanting to do more, be more, and have more. To serve, to have purposeful passionate lives, to make a difference in the world. 

The soul is waking up inside each and everyone of us. Reclaiming its birthright. Owning the incarnation intentions.

But what do to with these feelings and these stirrings?

The answer:

Take what you already do and do it in alignment with the Universal Laws.

I have been teaching 10 of the 11 Universal Laws for several months. You can learn about the first 10 here. 

The set of Universal Laws is now finally complete in my consciousness, which means you too also get the final complete set of knowledge and truth.

Join me on Sunday 22nd April at 7pm UK time for two hours where we cover the 11 Universal Laws, amongst many other Universal truths which will empower you to live a life truly of your own design, with a depth of understanding that will blow your mind.

The webinar will be available for free, for 24 hours only. This is a first come first served sign up list with only 200 spaces.

Register below to celebrate Earth Day with me, and get ready to be born into a whole new reality. The awakening is here. You’re it.

Hi Harriette 

I’ve literally just finished the replay and absorbed every second of it had to even rewind and pause and rewind just to really take it all in. 

I am literally still in such a high and continuously WOW!!

Thank you so so much you’re such a beautiful soul.

I’m in the process of wanting to open my own business which I’ve always wanted to do but never been strong enough or had self belief.

You are the light I believe has been sent to me to give me that push.

I thank you for you and if I can ever be of any help to you or your team it would be my greatest pleasure.  

Thank you again with Love,