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Spiritual Money Mindset VIP Days

Move into ‘The Knowing’

& Multiply Your Abundance

Spiritual Money Mindset VIP Days

A whole day together in which we deep dive on your Money Mindset, uncovering and removing blocks, healing stories that no longer serve, and moving through spiritual practice to cement and embody your new abundant identity.

VIP days typically start at 10am. We enjoy lunch and dinner together (either I bring in a private chef or make a reservation at a first class 5* restaurant – all paid for by me), usually followed by champagne, and connect with high-vibe, abundance driven men and women who are all on path to self-betterment, enlightenment, and financial freedom!

As a coach I am at your disposal for the entire day so you can pick my brains on all things money, mindset, business, life, spirituality, energy, Soul work, marketing, strategy, healing, and so much more!

I also bring a team member or two with me so you can benefit from their knowledge and experience too.

The work we do together in person is far more powerful than any of my online courses or remote healing, and so I like to keep these events relatively small and intimate. Places are issued on a first come first serve basis. 

If you need help with accommodation or travel, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! 

Team Ask Harriette:

NOTE: Top Tier Mastermind clients receive one VIP day completely free of charge. All mastermind clients receive all VIP days at 50% off. 

NOTE 2: VIP days are offered at 50% off to Mastermind Alumni and 20% off to Love Your Light Club Members

New York City, U.S.A – April 24th 2019, 10am till late!

We will be doing all the high-vibe things here! 

Upcoming VIP Days:

Virtual VIP Day, online – 28th March 2019

New York City, U.S.A – April 24th 2019

Glastonbury, U.K. – June 28th to 30th 2019

Mykonos, Greece – August 15th to 16th 2019

NEW YORK – 24th April 2019

We have options babes!

Full day***, 10am till late, including lunch & dinner – £889

Half day, 3pm till late, including dinner – £489

Just dinner – £289

***Full day option includes energy healing work & psychic reading

When I moved to London 4 years ago, I had the feeling that things work differently here, having a beautiful voice and a talent is not enough, no one is going to knock to your door if you don’t know how to enlighten yourself.

I was looking for a mentor who could help me to find my strength points and work on my career developing my confidence and self esteem and, here we are, I found Miss Harriette Hale, gorgeous woman, brilliant singer and musician, a sparkling brain with an innate sense for business! Her energy, creativity, will power, really inspired me to push myself over my edges and to challenge my career with new goals! Harriette helped me a lot with my priority list, she built my website and she is always there for me, every time I need a suggestion or I have a new idea to develop, she is there, ready to help, as she really has a genuine interest to empower people and to create a better world!

Marta Capponi

Musician & Vocal Coach, Marta Capponi Music

My name is Claudia Massera and I am the founder of Bellydance Body Mind.  I approached Harriette a while ago because I loved the way she was running her own business and the heart and passion she put behind it so I wondered if she could help me improve the image of my own business. Not only did she help me with my web design but one thing I loved about her is her unique & wonderful way of combining her creative talent with her incredibly sharp business mind.

I have never seen anything like it before and on top of that she has that stylish woman touch that makes everything simply fabulous!

I found the experience of working with Harriette totally inspiring!

I would recommend her to anyone.

Claudia Yasmina

Owner, Bellydance Body Mind