Soul Mister Mastermind

The Soul Mister Mastermind will run very much like the Soul Sister Mastermind with a focus on exponential growth into passion, purpose & profit, but crucially for men, this journey together will teach you how to connect with your Divine Feminine as well as your Divine Masculine, allowing you to tap into and leverage BOTH sides of your magic.

Your role on this planet is more than you’ve been fulfilling up until this point which is exactly why you have this calling to expand NOW.

Over the course of 3 months, from July through to September, we will engage in 6 group calls, and daily exchanges to keep everyone accountable, on target, and consistently raising vibrations in self, in the group, and across the planet.

The mastermind will focus on the following:

Money Mindset Mastery

Branding With Archetypes

Signature System

How To Charge What You’re Worth And Get It

Divine Marketing & Manifesting

Best Practices For Quantum Leaping


Energy Healing (for self)

Quantum Connection To Spirit

Energy Boundaries (for self protection)


Each Mister will receive a 1:1 call at the beginning of the mastermind to create the 12 week plan (the 12 week plan in which you achieve more in 12 weeks than you would normally in 12 months), one half way through, and another at the end of our time together.

This is a beta programme, and the price is reflected as such, BUT, if (and when) the programme is a success, you will all be given the option to expand into full Mastermind membership which will include the additional modules, more 1:1s, access to my entire library of online courses and much more!

But in the meantime, instead of £7777 (which is the Soul Sister price), the MISTER’S are offered an introductory price of £2888.

The investment can be made in full or in a series of payment plans, all of which can be tailored to suit the individual at no extra cost.

Our calls begin in July and run through to the end of September. Calls will be scheduled to suit everyone’s schedules once registration has been completed.

All Misters will also receive an abundance of support from our in-house tech team who can be on hand to help with websites, email marketing, graphic design, and anything else you might need an impeccable brain to assist you with!

Excited to get you started on this journey!

If you would like to schedule a free no-obligation call to discuss any of the above points in further detail, please do so here.

Working with Harriette has been the biggest investment I ever made, and so far it has worth it every penny. From the very first minute Harriette was so sure that I will accomplish all my desires that I had no doubt she was the perfect coach for me. Now, I just cannot wait to see more magic.

Lily Gonzalez

I wanted to work with someone who was authentic and passionate about their ‘personal mission’, as well as someone that has walked the walk in business. Harriette fits that bill. I appreciate her straight forwardness and ability to listen; she has helped me build the clarity I need for my entrepreneurial vision.

Thank you Harriette.

Sivaroshan Sahathevan

I was hooked on the vision of Harriette since I found her on a podcast interview. I inmediately was drawn to her honesty and authenticity. She helped me through money mindset blocks and I feel much more confident as myself in this world of mostly competion. She opened my eyes to so many possibilities, they are endless. She is an amazing personality and knows her sh***.

In entering into the Soul Mister Mastermind by making payment, you are committing to the terms of the Coaching Agreement.

Your Coaching Agreement commences from the date of first payment