Business Coaching

In person with Harriette at her offices in London UK, or globally via Virtual Meeting Room

From £444 per session, Harriette offers business and mindset coaching to aspiring entrepreneurs and those business owners looking to expand their horizons or increase revenues and profitability.

Harriette’s expertise lies in the creative sectors, although her business knowledge encompasses all areas of building, having built six businesses from the ground up over the last ten years.

As a certified Soul, Money & Marketing Coach, Harriette applies a mix of mindset AND business coaching tecniques to all client sessions.

The power of the mind is infinite, and as such Harriette’s coaching sessions seek to bring you into alignment with your own zone of genius, your heart desires and soul calling with her pioneering seven step mindset system.

Business Advice can be sought on the following areas:

Advertising, marketing, business plan, branding & image design, branding archtypes, niche, website design & build, client management, delegation and team development, automation and systemisation, social media, offline marketing strategies, partnerships, product and service development, cash flow accounting, business set up, and much much more!

Harriette also offers a ‘done for you’ service and can recommend fellow experts for areas not covered in-house such as PR, legal and contracts.

Life & Mindset Advice can be sought on the following areas:

Law of Attraction, Manifesting, Power of The Universe, Self Worth and Self Confidence, Public Speaking, Intimate & Personal Relationships, Career Development, Money Mindset, Money Management, Soul Alignment, Energy Healing & Energy Clearing, Meditation Techiques, Soul Calling and much more!

Packages are highly recommended for clients looking for longer term coaching and optimal results. Coaching packages start from £1,444 for four weeks.

The Members Club

Get All Your Questions Answered

The Ask Harriette Members Only Club was built with creative entrepreneurs and freelancers in mind.

For just £149/month you can gain access to your very own business and mindset mentor, access to Harriette herself, 24/7, a support network full of like minded individuals, PLUS a library full of short courses, how to videos, explainer videos, cheat sheet, templates, and so much more.

Harriette’s expertise spans 10 years and 6 businesses, all within the creative industries. If it can be done, she knows how to do it!

Get all your questions answered by Harriette herself, and sleep easy knowing that you’ve got the best person on your team!

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