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High Priestess of Light & Mistress of Magic

The Leading Money Consciousness Coach in the World

 Author, Speaker, Healer & Divine Channel

Business, Money & Mindset Coaching

From a Consciousness perspective

From £1222 per hour, Harriette offers business and mindset coaching to aspiring entrepreneurs and those business owners looking to expand their horizons or increase revenues and profitability.

Harriette’s expertise lies in the creative sectors, although her business knowledge encompasses all areas of building, having built six businesses from the ground up over the last 12 years.

As a certified Soul, Money & Marketing Coach, Harriette applies a mix of mindset AND business coaching techniques to all client sessions.

The power of the mind is infinite, and as such Harriette’s coaching sessions seek to bring you into alignment with your own zone of genius, your heart desires and soul calling with her pioneering seven step mindset system.

Business Advice can be sought on the following areas:

Advertising, marketing, business plan, branding & image design, branding archetypes, niche, website design & build, client management, delegation and team development, automation and systemisation, social media, offline marketing strategies, partnerships, product and service development, cash flow accounting, business set up, and much much more!

Harriette also offers a ‘done for you’ service and can recommend fellow experts for areas not covered in-house such as PR, legal and contracts.

Life & Mindset Advice can be sought on the following areas:

Law of Attraction, Manifesting, Power of The Universe, Self Worth and Self Confidence, Public Speaking, Intimate & Personal Relationships, Career Development, Money Mindset, Money Management, Soul Alignment, Energy Healing & Energy Clearing, Meditation Techniques, Soul Calling and much more!

Packages are highly recommended for clients looking for longer term coaching and optimal results. Coaching packages start from £2,444 for four weeks.

Soul Money Masterminds

Launched in 2017, the Soul Masterminds have proved to be the most successful group coaching format ever led by Harriette.

With a goal to achieve your one year goal in just 3 short months, Masterminders have achieved doubling, tripling, and even quadrupling of incomes, huge career moves, massive business growth, consistent 10k months, 10k weeks, and even a 100k day (yes that’s 100k a day), life-changing spiritual awakenings, access to life path and soul purpose, renewed relationships with self and loved ones, global client bases and audiences, and in short… the creation of DREAMS in real manifested form.

The Soul Money Mastermind is open all year round on a one in one out policy. The Mastermind group contains up to 8 men or women and each member benefits from group coaching, 1:1 coaching, mastermind sessions, a full staff support team, access to all Harriette’s online programmes and resources, and daily check-in’s with the boss lady herself. To see if there are currently spaces in the Soul Money Mastermind please email


The Priestess Pods

For when you need more than just a coach. You need a Priestess, a plan, & the power tools to make it happen.

A mini-mastermind for the early stages of business where the goal is money and magic!

This is a 12-week container, run mastermind-style, to help you achieve consistent 4 and 5 figure months. Once you’re in multiple 5 figures and 6 figures, you’ll be perfectly primed to join one of the Soul Money Masterminds or even invest in a 1:1 package. 

The Priestess Pods are designed to deliver what you need:

  1. A clear plan of action and strategy to implement
  2. More business knowledge so you feel confident in what you’re doing
  3. A better understanding of the Universe and all that spiritual swizzle so you’re on the upper hand
  4. A mindset shift from scarcity & fear into conscious abundance
  5. Someone kicking your ass on a weekly basis to make sure you do the damn thing
  6. A community of like-minded Souls cheering you on and keeping you high vibe

The Priestess Pods are designed to create maximum impact for minimal investment, at just £555 per month!

The Priestess Ring

Study under Harriette to be initiated as a Priestess in your own right.

The power of the Priestess is in her presence.

Your presence is enough.

Through your presence you channel your truth.

Through your presence you channel your gift.

Through your presence you provide a space for others to step into their power.

As a Priestess of Light, I light things up for people, whether that’s lighting up shadows, lighting up truth, lighting up self love and self care, lighting up pathways and avenues and options.

What could you be a Priestess of? Is it time to truly step into your Power?

A power of ease, grace, flow and Abundance? An Abundance which incorporates the material and the spiritual so you can truly serve your life purpose and fulfil your incarnation intentions.

Not only is it ok to be Spiritual and rich… it’s necessary.

Is it your time Priestess? Let’s walk the Priestess Path.

The Priestess Ring enrolment is by invitation only. If you are feeling called to become a Priestess please reach out to the team to request a call with Harriette.