Harriette is an inspiring business woman, entrepreneur and light being. She goes above and beyond to provide a personal and effective service which gets results … fast! Nicky Burke

Dancer, Coach, Spiritual Entrepreneur, Inner Glow

Harriette is completely the real deal.She has such an intuition, soul, and  heart for her work and the people she supports. I have seen lots of business coaches on the internet and Harriette just breaks the mold with her authenticity and genuine care and support. I would recommend her to all my friends and just feel so blessed to have her in my life! Anne Bird

Life Coach, Anne Bird Coaching

I’ve only been working with you for a week or so but in that time, you’ve provided me reassurance that my goals are more than achievable. Through every interaction we’ve had, you’ve made it a point that I leave with more value than I came in with! So thank you ?

Rajbir Badh

The work I’ve done with you has been pure alchemy. It has allowed my soul to unfold and expand in ways I never expected. I am in awe!

Karma Daigle

You opened my eyes to everything I knew deep down but didn’t have the support to outwardly own. I’ve not only finally understood why I struggled with certain things I’ve been able to solve or lessen those struggles. Often people want an immediate change in their physical world and when they don’t get that are disappointed. But after only a month the internal changes are so extraordinary, I just know my life 6 months from now is going to be unrecognisable and I can not wait to meet that Mia xx

Mia Gahan

In the most simple terms working with you has amplified abundance in every area of my life…personally, professionally, financially, and spiritually. Thank you! ❤️

Laura Muirhead

You helped me to understand that I was allowed to be just me. 
You opened my eyes on the law of attraction. 
You taught me everything I didn’t know about how to attract money ??

Forever grateful ?????

Sarah Edwards

In just four months I am halfway of all the things we talked on our first call (and my standards were high), magic is real ?

Lily Gonzalez

Since January, you know how to work with the ego and mind that came with deep rooted beliefs around money and set it straight. You helped me to create a new set of beliefs that gave me the confidence to quit my part time job and do fulfilling work full time. That’s a pretty big deal if you ask me ?? i’m grateful to have you as it may have taken me longer otherwise ?

Sandy Vo

In the first month you helped to open me up to what I really want my dream life to be and now are helping me formulate a steady plan to get me there. Working your money mindset system has been life changing for me and helping me get into the flow of abundance where everything comes to me with joy, ease and grace.

Rebecca Fabick

You have brought forth my internal light and allowed it to be seen, loved and nourished and I am eternally grateful!

Debbie Holden