You’re not hesitating. Your ego is

Does this sound familiar…?

“I should be sensible”

“It’ll have to be a credit card job… but I’ve been doing so well at paying down my debt”

“It’s more than I’m making in a month right now”

“I don’t have that kind of cash available”

“I think I can figure it out on my own, I’m roughly headed in the right direction”

And the things you don’t say to me, or even out loud to anyone:

“Is it insanity to pay someone that much? What if it doesn’t work?”

“I want to but it just doesn’t make sense, it’s such a lot of money”

“I don’t need help, it’s fine, I can manage”

“OK, maybe help would be good, but maybe I can find cheaper help”

Thing is… if you want cheaper results, you hire cheaper coaches. Expensive coaches charge expensive fees because they get expansive results.

Your ego is ok with cheaper because it means more controlled. It means smaller. It means she gets to stay much much closer to her comfort zone. It means she can keep coasting, pretending like she knows what TF she’s doing.

It means she gets to push your Soul out of the picture. Which is what ego wants because she’s been in the driving seat for so long, she’s not about to give that leadership gig up easily! If you’ve listened to the first training in Fast Energy Fast Cash you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about!

The ego was never meant to lead. She was never meant to call the shots. She’s not even who YOU are. 

Who you are is an expression of your Soul through the human filter. Ego does NOT come in to that picture, and yet most people identify by their ego, lead by their ego, become willing victims to their own ego, even learn to love aspects of themselves that are actually ego not Soul… I mean it’s like a seriously weird case of Stockholm syndrome that’s been so normalised no one can see it!

You know when we say shit like “yeah I never make a decision unless I’ve slept on it for a week… it’s just who I am”… dude 🤯 if your Soul wants something, she wants it NOW… Soul doesn’t even know time!!! It’s your ego who has you convinced you’re identified by certain personality traits… personality traits which are holding you back FYI.

Is that who you want to be? The person who needs a whole week to make a decision?

This is a completely hypothetical scenario by the way. Trust me, I’ve heard them all.

“I don’t do anything during a Mercury retrograde”
“I can’t make decisions whilst the kids are off school”
“I’m not the type of person to make big investments without consulting all 17 of my psychics”

I’m jesting with that last one, no one has ever actually said that to me, haha, but take a minute to acknowledge the labels you’ve given yourself and where that’s come from. 

Even completely accepted labels like “Taurus Sun Leo Rising Virgo Moon” (that’s me by the way), or Gift 7, Destiny 8, Path 11 (also me), or Manifesting Generator 5/1 (also me)… all amazing tools to guide us, but equally labels we can use to hide behind as personality identifiers our ego can then adopt as means to hold us back. 

Are you having a 🤯 moment… yeah I’m not surprised.

Imagine today is the day you realise you’ve been self-identified by your ego your whole life, to only realise right here right now that you are NOT your ego, you are in fact your Soul in a body… you’re also NOT your body… just a Soul IN a body… and the Soul… well she transcends everything… she’s just stardust with a mission to have a lived human physical emotional experience and she knows what she wants to feel. She knows how she wants to navigate this human experience. She knows what growth expansion and abundance she wants to witness before it’s her time to leave the body. She wants to reach every edge of human experience possible. 

She NEVER came here to hesitate. She NEVER came here to settle. 

SO are you hesitating… or is it your ego?

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My love always