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I’ve spent years exploring what the best possible mastermind container could look like.

I’ve enrolled in countless ones myself, run 7 of my own in the last 2.5 years, and been a guest speaker / coach at even more all around the world. I KNOW masterminds.

I know what works and what doesn’t. I also know energy, and the Universe, and planetary shifts, and I know more than ever before what is needed to support you as we head into 2020. The energy of my mastermind will change with the expanding Universe, because we as a human race are constantly evolving, so my mastermind, my coaching, and the containers I create for you guys have to keep up with that evolution.

So I designed the Soul Money Mastermind:

🌹 A monthly 1-1 coaching session with me

🌹 A monthly group session – your time to be taught, coached, and ask all your questions about life & business.

🌹 Incredible guest speakers & teachers

🌹 Weekly individual accountability calls with my team –  to keep you laser focused (this is absolute gold for keeping you on track)

🌹 2 x 1Hour 1:1 Tech calls per month with my team to help you with all your tech Qs

🌹 A private group with direct access to me, with weekly High Vibe check in’s from the team.

🌹 Access to specially curated content from the Ask Harriette Archives while enrolled in the Mastermind.

🌹 A personalised numerology reading from me

Sounds powerful AF right? And here are the results that can be achieved:

“Working with Harriette and her team over the course of the last four months has been an absolute total joy for me. After months of courting each other, Harriette and I decided to make it official in September 2019! (lol) Just days before I found I was expecting my first baby. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. 

The support I received from HH and her team was exactly what I needed, during a season of life where I couldn’t depend on my usual hustle mentality, and instead had to really ground into my energy and magnetize the success I was yearning for from a place of alignment, grace and self-trust. 

Harriette helped me get clear on how I best served my clients and create an easy, soul-filled program from that place. Through a numerology reading she was able to affirm my strengths, and help me really own my magic as a coach. 

I then put these plans into the action through weekly accountability calls with Mia Burley. I took advantage of Mia’s killer copywriting skills and of Ellie Allum-Marshall’s tech expertise. Mia also helped me ground into my flow every week, and resist the urge to hustle, overthink, and over-do things. 

I’ve sold out half of the seats in my new program and I’m expecting a $50K launch! An easy, flowy, and fully aligned 50K launch at that.  Thank you Harriette, Mia and Ellie! Love youuuu.”

Loraine, Soul Money Mastermind Member 

Your Soul is worthy of wealth.

Your work is of high service and you deserve to be highly fucking compensated for what you do.

Playing small in your money game isn’t serving you in the slightest.

Joining a mastermind to expand your Soul, and come home to your truth is amazing, yes, but what’s the fucking point if you don’t make money doing it?

So let’s be clear babe.

I am a High Priestess of Light. I am an energy healer, energy reader, energy alchemist, numerologist, astrologist, psychic clairvoyant, channel for Source, and basically spiritual and psychic AF.


I am also a seriously savvy entrepreneur with six successful businesses (only one of which is a coaching business). I made my first million aged 29. I’ve helped countless entrepreneurs grow their businesses to 6 and 7 figures. I’m a tech nerd and a marketing genius. I am NOT a push over, and I do not accept bullshit excuses or smallness on any level.

So put all this together, and what you get is pure magic.

My clients tell me they come for the money, but they stay for the magic.

This time baby, you’re staying for both.

For your Soul magic, and for the fucking money.

Are you in?

Join the Soul Money Mastermind here

My love always


p.s. if you’re not already making £3-8K a month in your business / side hustle / job then this is not for you

p.p.s. i fully expect many of you to put this investment on a credit card. You’d be mad not to. When I pay into my 30k, 50k and even 100k coaching & mastermind programmes, I leverage my credit… all smart entrepreneurs do.


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December 24, 2019