Your special brand of magic

You know when you hire someone; a coach, a mentor, a teacher … what is it that draws you to them?
Is it what they’ve achieved? Their lifestyle? The way they speak? What it is they’re teaching? The whole package?

Have you ever wondered why some are more successful than others? How some seem to just “get it” whilst others struggle forever trying to figure out the “how”? And then despite paying to learn the strategies and the teachings, it still never quite lands in the same way?

The difference is “the difference”.

What makes one persons success, won’t make anothers.
What truly works for one person, can’t work for another.
Despite our best efforts to watch, and learn, and try figure out “how” someone does the thing / makes so much money / manifests all the cash / is so magnetic etc etc, whatever conclusion we arrive at, whatever technique, action or strategy we try, it doesn’t work out the same way for us.

Why is that?! What is it that they know that we don’t know?
I’ll tell you.

It’s not what they know, or even what they do. It’s what they have, or rather specifically, what they have faith IN. 
“A connection to something far greater that pours through them”.
The reason some people seem to be able to speak to hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands of people, and have all those people resonating with them, nodding heads, following along, and paying to be in their energy, isn’t just because they’re being themselves… I mean they ARE being themselves, they are being their true selves, a Soul in connection to Source, BUT they are ALSO simultaneously being all the people they’re reaching. They are channeling ONENESS, not just expressing one identity.

They realise their individual identity can only reach so far, and their individual route will have limited results for everyone else, but when they tap into the thing that’s greater than them, more abundant & more expansive than them, when they tap into the Divine… what comes through isn’t just for them, it’s for them and everyone else.
What they’re delivering isn’t just human, it’s human AND Divine.

This is the difference.

Do you see the greatness of it? The infinite expanse of possibilities in it?
When you can tap into that “thing” that transcends your humanness, your solo identity & experience, and instead tap into the ONENESS of all and pull through messages, sermons, teachings, and lessons that serve you AND hundreds, thousands, and hundreds of thousands of people… then of course more people are drawn to you, of course more people want to be in your magic, of course more people want to hear what you have to say, because it’s not just about you any more. They are magnetised to you but they don’t know why.

They find wisdom, medicine & magic in what you’re offering, because you’re not just offering you, you’re offering THEM. 
They see themselves. They see the possibilities, and the potential, and their Soul is undeniably inexplicably drawn to it, through you.

You become the vessel for a special brand of magic. This becomes YOUR special brand of magic. People come to know you for your Channel.
If you’re ready to create your own special brand of magic, tap into something so much greater than you, to be a teacher, a guide, and a conduit for hundreds, if not thousands of people, The Channel is waiting for you.

In this magical container I will teach you how to tap into the Channel, how to pull through messages and translate them into wisdom of expansive & abundant service, how to develop your own unique voice or “brand” through your channeling, and how to live a life of faith, sacred service, and infinite wisdom.

Stepping in to The Channel requires a huge leap of faith. Know this: details are irrelevant. This is your SECOND lesson in Chanelling. I’m teaching you before you even get in the room.

Lesson 1: Faith is required. If you can’t leap into the unknown, you’re not ready to Channel.
Lesson 2: Details are irrelevant. There is no room for the ego mind in this work.

We have just introduced a 12 month payment plan for this magical container, but please note the price WILL increase. Please do not hesitate on your calling to be able to do this work, change lives (including your own), and serve in the way you know your Soul has been calling you to for some time.
Ignoring the Soul will only keep you trapped in your ego-mind, wondering what makes all those successful teachers, coachers, healers and leaders so damn magnetic and successful.

I’ve told you what we’re doing differently. Now I’m inviting you to learn from me.

>>> THE CHANNEL <<< (doors close at the end of this month)

My love always