Your Rights & Responsibilities

Today I felt called to elaborate on the message that came through from my higher self. Because this was just one piece of guidance from a rather long conversation with my Spirit Team.

This weekend I’ve been a little under the weather, a little subdued, and perhaps a little too far into my own egoic thoughts, so much so that I nearly fell off the conscious bandwagon, the one I’m so passionate about pioneering. 

I was beginning to feel irritated and overwhelmed by what I thought were mounting pressures on my shoulders. 

I’m sure you’ve had those days right? Perhaps today is even one of them? I’d hardy be surprised with all the solar flare activity happening this weekend.

But, being the Priestess of Light, and soon-to-be High Priestess, I remembered my right and responsibility to choose, and choose again, and to forge a new path for others to follow.

So instead of sitting in my pity party of glum-ness, I chose instead to connect to Source.

My higher self came through… the matriarch of my Spirit Team, and when she comes through, I know shit is about to get serious. She calls me on my own bullshit. Ruthlessly. 

She reminded me of my rights and responsibilities, not just as a Priestess, but also as a human being. And I wanted to share the ones that are true for all of us:

Say it with me …

?I have a right and responsibility to abundance

?I have a right and a responsibility to consciousness

?I have a right and a responsibility to knowledge 

?I have a right and a responsibility to feel and express myself

?I have a right and a responsibility to share & therefore contribute

?I have a right and a responsibility to experience contrast in life

?I have a right and responsibility to self-care and self-development

?I have a right and a responsibility to alchemy

?I have a right and a responsibility to choose and choose again

?I have a right and a responsibility to pause and reflect

And there are hundreds more, but these ones feel particularly potent for where humanity is at this weekend

So, which of your rights are you denying? And which of your responsibilities are you dismissing?

Perhaps today you could choose to pause and reflect and what you’re feeling, what you need, and what you need to let go of. Perhaps then you could choose to feel a different vibration in order to alchemise whatever is not serving you. Perhaps you could partake in some self-care and self-development so that you may experience the contrast of knowledge and the absence of it? Perhaps you can simply allow yourself to feel and let those feelings guide you to abundance and consciousness.

Whatever you choose today, remember that choice is not only your right, but also your responsibility.

Choose wisely.

And don’t forget that I will be closing the doors for the Virtual VIP day in just a few days time.

If you can’t attend live, it’s absolutely fine, you will be issued the replay via a beautifully curated online course which you will have lifetime access to.

BUT, also remember, this is the LAST time you will have this opportunity. There will not be a re-release. I will not be selling this at a later date, and I will not be repeating this day. 

Actually, I won’t be doing VIP days ever again, after I have completed the virtual day, and in the in-person events in Glastonbury, Mykonos, and New York.

2019 is the year of tremendous change. Change which will knock you sideways if you don’t know what you’re doing consciously. 

And that change for me means stepping back and transforming into something even more powerful, but even more exclusive. 

The High Priestess & Consciousness Coach is about to be born.

Which means farewell to the ‘momma coach’ many of you know me to be… the one who always says yes, over-delivers, gives insane value, and will change your life permanently and forever. 

I will of course continue to change lives. But I won’t be running VIP days for just £272 WITH A PAYMENT PLAN.

It’s time to grow up. And Lead.

>>> Celebrate Conscious Creation With Me <<<

^^^ By becoming conscious AF yourself with money, abundance, relationships, enlightenment, and the new world which is already forming around us (I hope you’re taking note of what’s happening out there).

See you on thursday if you can make it live, or very shortly after if you can’t.

>>> The Virtual VIP Day For Transformation <<<

My love always



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March 25, 2019