Your human experience is not a problem

On the final day of what has been one of the most revealing, revolutionary, rule breaking launches I’ve ever been a part of; one in which we stared right into the eyes of the ugliest parts of this beautiful industry and questioned absolutely everything… I have just a few more questions. 

For me, for you, for us, for the way we hold space for each other and allow ourselves to evolve. 

What if the world had no problems to fix? 

There will always be challenges, low days, “negative emotions”… that’s simply part of being human. But what if we didn’t make those things problems? What if they didn’t need to be fixed, only honoured, experienced and witnessed? 

Entire industries have been built on fixing things. 

The first thing you learn in marketing is how to speak to problems, or how to get someone to recognise that they have a problem. The “problem” in question previously being part of the human experience the human was quite happy indulging in before the ad campaign came along. 

There’s so much money to be made in things going wrong. Even more when you are the thing that’s going wrong. As a society, we’re financially dependent on people believing they are broken. 

The diet industry. 
The wellness industry. 
The beauty industry. 
The home care industry. 
Modern medicine. 

Dare I say it, and I do…. The coaching industry. 

What if we believed we didn’t need changing, or healing? What if we believed we were enough and simply took responsibility for all of who we are? 

Would we actually collapse the economy? How does financial abundance flow when there aren’t people out there creating problems to create cash flow or fixing problems and accepting cash flow? 

The answer flowed through my pen this morning as easily as your desires want to flow through your 10 energy bodies…. 

Art. Creativity. Beauty. Fulfillment. 

When people don’t have problems (i.e, the absence of a culture that turns their human experience into a problem), they are truly free to create. They are free to channel their energy into things that inspire pleasure, connection, community, intimacy. 

When someone doesn’t need fixing, they are free to be fully them, fully expressed, and the physical manifestation of their expression opens the flow for financial abundance. 

The result? A society who reaps rewards from talent and contribution rather than exploiting mostly made up faults. 

The coaching industry, as I see it, us included, needs to take some responsibility for where selling relies on turning people’s human experiences into problems that need to be fixed. Let’s stop telling people their limiting beliefs need to be controlled, their trauma needs to be healed, their mindset needs to be transformed before anything will work out for them. 

We’re not here to leech off of people’s insecurities, hold them to impossible standards and fixate them on their “flaws” or “blocks”. That’s not why this industry was born, was it? 

What if we simply invited people into spaces where they could flourish? Where they could be supported to explore their creative potential as an expression of Source? 
Otherwise known as obeying your desires and bringing them through to manifested fulfillment whilst embodying the richness of the full human experience. 

No longer will we present problems that need to be solved, only potential that needs to be realised. 

You’re not broken. You don’t need to change. You are enough. You do enough. You are a limitless being. 

Come into a community who will support the absolute fulfillment of all that you are. 

Doors close in a few hours. 

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Love always, 
(Head Coach/MD/Priestess-In-Training)