Your Energy Is Amazing

Coming back to work after maternity leave felt like my own re-birthing. 3 months “off” from the business helped me gain so much clarity and perspective, I came back a new woman.

Since launching The Shift, The Comeback Queen, and now Legacy, I’ve had oodles of comments from clients recognising the clarity, radiance, and evolution in my energy since I’ve come back to work.

If you attended the Comeback Queen masterclass you’ll know what I’ve been through this year. It ain’t pretty. And it’s not over yet.

I now understand that this is what happens when you expand your energy… you get the bad with the good. When we expand, we expand in all directions, and not necessarily just in the direction we want to expand in, which truthfully for most people, is the money direction, even if it’s “just a bit more money so there’s enough to make me comfortable”.

Money doesn’t actually change anything, but perhaps that’s a topic for another day.

I hit a point in my life and in my business this year where I decided my Legacy was more important than my excuses. 

I could continue to worry, stress & fret about things going on behind the scenes and invest all my energy into things I couldn’t ultimately control.


I could practice what I preach and step into my Diamond Heart.

Operating from my Diamond Heart means I don’t get distracted by things which only cause me stress & anxiety. 

It means my heart space stays open, clear, and sparkly. Not in a fake bubbly “omg i’m totes in love with life” filtered smile kinda way because that’s unrealistic. Sometimes the clarity of my heart shows me where healing still needs to be done, where I could open more to receiving, and perhaps where stronger boundaries need to be in place. Sparkly doesn’t mean barbie-licious to me, it means magic always in motion.

Magic in motion is one of the foundational premises of Legacy. 

A Legacy isn’t something we achieve inside a calendar month or a calendar year. The creation of a Legacy is a lifetime endeavour.

> Creating a Legacy demands we shift our relationship with time and money.

> Creating a Legacy asks that we transcend beyond our human habits that keep us stuck.

> Creating a Legacy calls us to operate outside of our insular little worlds, and take a much broader view of life, the world, and its people.

Legacy, and Legacy Unleashed start on November 8th. (Legacy is free, Legacy Unleashed is currently £111 but price is going up soon).

I’m not going to stand in front of you and say “hey this is how you create a Legacy, look at mine, ain’t she cute?!”.

Um, because that’s completely missing the flipping point.

I haven’t creatED mine, I’m creatING mine. And I’d love to share with you what I know about tapping into the magic momentum of Legacy building so that our relationships with time, money, people and life radically change.

I won’t say it’s effortless, or easy, or instant. It could be these things for you, but it might not be. It might be uncomfortable, confronting, and even painful. How we go about creating our Legacy is different for every single individual… but actually, that difference… that’s the thing that makes it easy.

I hope to see hundreds, if not thousands of you there!

>>> Join us for Legacy <<< (don’t forget to upgrade to Legacy Unleashed afterwards)

My love always


p.s. we’ve just announced the Legacy Unleashed Schedule:

Monday 8th Nov, 2.30pm UK GMT time
Tuesday 9th Nov, 5pm UK GMT time
Wednesday 10th Nov, 7pm UK GMT time
Thursday 11th Nov, 4pm UK GMT time
Friday 12th Nov, 2.15pm UK GMT time

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p.p.s. for those of you ready to go all in on Diamond Heart creation, and work with me for 12 months to create magnetic energy in your life & business, let’s set up a call