You only see in me what exists within yourself (free lesson in Consciousness)


I’m in the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse in JFK waiting for our flight home back to London, following an incredible week of service in New York City & Saratoga Springs, upstate New York.

I hosted an intimate VIP day for 11 of us in Manhattan where I spoke, and coached, and healed, and guided, the most beautiful Souls, for 12 freaking hours! It was amazing.

Then we flew up to Albany where I was the keynote speaker for Ladies Aligned, Align & Rise Event, the love child of two of my Soul Sister Mastermind graduates. The reception I received there was nothing short of PHENOMENAL.

Actually for the first time in my life I felt like a celebrity.

And in true Yorkshire style I laughed off the awkwardness of it and just pretended we were all besties. It was easier on my ego. And actually, I imagine it made me come across as a lot more human. I get it… a High Priestess must seem like a fairly big deal. But I am just Harriette… check out my Insta. (I didn’t wash my hair today, don’t judge.)

Many women came up to me asking for selfies, and thanking me for my wisdom, guidance, insight, truth, honestly… and even my excessive curse words (I swear that isn’t actually human Harriette, Spirit just loves to swear through me… I never swear in real life, only really when I’m in channel… Spirit has a wicked sense of humour)!!

And some women…. avoided me like the plague, rolled their eyes at me, and refused to participate in my energy. 

And that’s OK too.

To all in attendance, I need to say this to you:

What you see in me, already exists within yourself. Remember that ?

If you see me as successful, powerful, amazing, humble, real, authentic, cool, beautiful, wealthy, spiritual AF…. etc etc etc… that’s only because you are all these things too. Even if you haven’t yet realised it.

You are only capable of seeing and appreciating these things in me, because they exist within yourself. I am simply your mirror (Law of Reflection)***.

If you see me as arrogant, offensive, unnecessary, boring, ‘too much’, irrelevant, false … etc etc etc … that’s only because this is how you think of yourself. Even if you haven’t yet realised it.

You are only capable of seeing and being triggered by these things in me, because they are areas of pain within yourself that need to be honoured, heard, and healed. I am simply your mirror (Law of Reflection)***.

We are all mirrors for each other. We are all cut from the same Soul cloth. 

If you are drawn to my energy, then know we are bonded somewhere somehow amongst the Light realms, and I am here in service to you. Even if that service is to trigger the shit out of you.

Allow me to deliver a 60 second lesson in Consciousness to guide you:

?If anything triggers a negative emotion in you, this is an opportunity to shift into consciousness.

It is an invitation from your Higher Self to recognise you have fallen out of alignment, and give you the emotional equipment to identify the cause of that misalignment. If we didn’t have emotions to guide us, we wouldn’t know when we are out of alignment.  So don’t allow your negative emotions to cause you to spiral further out of alignment, use them and honour them for showing you where you’ve wandered off course.

If I, or anyone else triggers you, feel into the emotion and allow it to show you the most unloved and dishonoured parts of yourself. These are the parts that need healing to bring you closer to wholeness and consciousness.

There’s never any need for you to stay in a low vibration. The low vibrations serve a purpose, but only a temporary one. They are facilitators to move into higher vibrations. Remember this, and choose to shift higher. 

?If something or someone triggers you, get excited, show gratitude, go within, listen to yourself, and choose to shift higher.

You’re welcome ?

*** Law of Reflection is one of the 11 Universal Laws I teach, downloaded into me in 2017 when I initiated as Priestess. For more info please feel free to hit reply.

My love always



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May 3, 2019