You have a responsibility to desire more


Happy Monday

This is one for my fellow successful entrepreneur.

You know that feeling when you’re already making good money, you’re being abundantly supported, life is really good, and you might even have already bought the dream house…

And then you start to think bigger, but catch yourself not wanting to go there because…

  1. What’s the point? Life is already pretty sweet
  2. You’re so far down your spiritual path you know it’s all an illusion anyway
  3. You’ve already got enough material wealth, surely more is greedy?
  4. You’re already at the point where you know contribution to the collective consciousness is more important than more personal wealth acquisition
  5. Harriette’s been banging on about 2020 being about selfless service so shouldn’t you be doing something more than making more money?

Let me help you out here babe.

You have a responsibility to desire more.

Think about how you got to this point in your life.

Look at your abundant life.

Your material possessions, the level of support you have, the love, the impact, the presence… the desiring of all that you have fuelled you to get you to this point.

It required you to take personal responsibility, make some radical decisions, raise your vibration repeatedly, and break out of the 99%.

It required you to become a Leader, an icon, a model human for the rest of the world to look to.

And in doing all of this you became a lighthouse, consistently emitting positive vibrations, which unbeknownst to you, have been changing the world, one tiny Light ripple at a time.

SO you have to keep going .

You have to keep desiring more, and reaching for more. Never settle, because your desire alone is changing the world. 

Whatever it is that you desire more of, shoes, cars, impact, change, fame, success, holidays, savings… it doesn’t matter WHAT it is, as long as you allow yourself to pursue it without apology, without filter, and without question.

Your desiring changes the world from the second you allow yourself to put that energy out there.

You’re doing more than you know.

Keep going.

From one expansive, abundant, and fully desiring Soul, to another… THANK YOU, for allowing your heart and Soul to fuel this changing world. The Patriarchy is crumbling. A New World is appearing. You are a part of this. Keep going!

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My love always



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November 25, 2019