You could be our next success story

Oh we’re SO loving welcoming so many beautiful Souls into the The Money Consciousness Method!!  


You have until Friday to join the family. If you’re itching to take the leap but haven’t quite worked up the last ounce of faith yet, we wanted to share with you just a couple of the hundreds of success stories from MCM alumni, imagine adding your very own to this when we launch again in 2022!!.. 


“As I have uplevelled my consciousness so many areas of my life have improved – I have just had a month where I made £52,000, I am coaching at an unbelievable level, my intuition is through the roof and I am aligned and in flow with what I am doing.”


“I just made last year’s turnover in ONE single month!!!” 


“I’ve never been more relaxed about money, and it just keeps flowing in” 


“In the most simple terms working with you has amplified abundance in every area of my life…personally, professionally, financially, and spiritually. Thank you!”


“MCM is something I’m so grateful for, I go back to it if ever I feel I’m going off track and the meditations are some of my favourite ever! MCM I do 100% believe in. It’s life changing work.”


“When I registered for MCM I had to select the 12month payment plan… and even that was scary! I wasn’t sure where that extra money would come from each month to make the payment. Last week, with 8 remaining payments of my 12, I paid off the program in full!”


You could be our next success story! All it takes is one small leap of faith (or leap of SELF, as we like to call it in Ask H world) 


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P.S I’m also announcing another INCREDIBLE bonus later today. It might already be over on my instagram 😉 Don’t worry, if you sign up before it’s announced, you’ll still receive it, this is for everyone who’s already joined and everyone who joined before midnight tonight!!