You are always expanding

“Where attention goes, energy flows” 


I remember when I got my first shove off the Spiritual fence back in 2015, this was one of the first phrases I started to become familiar with as I jumped into the rabbit hole of coming home to Source. 


It’s been floating around pretty much every single manifestation/Law of attraction/spiritual enlightenment Instagram page since Instagram became a thing. Whether those who post, share and re-post it are aware of this or not, they’re referring to the Law of Expansion. One of the 11 Universal Laws as taught by Harriette Jackson. 


Everything is expanding, all of the time. It’s the ONLY Universal Law that can’t be broken. And this can work for or against you. Which is why that quote sticks with me 6 years, one million more shoves off of the Spiritual fence, countless awakenings and a career in spirituality later. 


The Universe is always expanding, and because you are the Universe, that means you too. Your thoughts expand, your feelings, your vibration, your bank account, your consciousness, it never stops. Which is bloody exciting if you know how to manage your energy and focus on expanding in ways that will support you in living a life of joy, abundance, high service and contribution. Not so great if you’re stuck in the cycle of worry, fear and scarcity. Did you know that manifestation is WAY faster when you have the Law of Expansion on your side? 


Ask Harriette is expanding, over the last year the team has transformed, most recently we welcomed Clare as an accountability coach. Many of you in our School of Mastery and MCM containers know her well, and now as her service becomes the latest thing to expand, both she and I have spaces to work with your guys on either a 1-1 or 2-1 basis.


So the question is – what does expansion look like for you? What’s your next level? 


Is it mapping out a new business strategy to hit a higher income?


Is it taking big, bold, authentic action that shifts you to a space in which you’re immediately able to receive new pay in full clients?


Is it deciding that NOW is the time to say “enough is enough” to settling for anything other than miraculous, like all of the other beautiful souls that enter the land of Ask Harriette coaching?


Whatever it is, we’re open to helping you. We’re backing your expansion. 


Whether you want more time, more money, more self love, a more magical mindset, more confidence, more self belief, more clients, more creativity, more ideas… 

Angel coaching is for you if you want more of the good stuff, and less of the stumbling blocks.

The Law of Expansion will back you either way. 

Clare and I will back you ALL the way to your next abundant level. 


Book in for a free coffee chat here if you’d like to chat more about if this is right for you. 


Or if you know already, sign up for a 4 week package here. 


All my love, 

Mia xxx

P.S Here’s a breakdown of what each package looks like…

4 weeks with Clare = 4x 1 hour sessions. £444

4 weeks with Mia = 2x 1 hour sessions + daily Voxer support. £888 (option to add on 2x 30 minute accountability calls for an extra £111)

4 weeks with Clare AND Mia = 2x 1 hours sessions, 2x 30 minute accountability calls. £1221 (option to add on tech and copywriting support an extra £222)

Numerology reports and reiki sessions are also available as add ons to any package!