You Are Abundantly Supported (steps to tap into this energy inside)

A reminder I know you need to hear and witness for yourself

When I go through ‘human moments’ in life, I know that people in my energetic orbit are also experiencing wobbles. And so as I witness these things in myself I choose to share them, to help guide you to where you need to be.

Today’s lesson is this:

You are abundantly supported

Take a minute and say this to yourself

Feel it into your body

“I am abundantly supported”

As we come up against rough our limits, our blocks, and the self-imposed hurdles and beliefs, we need a tool kit to move through in order to get to the other side. 

‘Tools’ can include a spiritual practice, journalling, meditation, hiring a coach, being in a mastermind, or an online community.

What all these things have in common is the feeling of support.

Support is crucial to help us reach higher levels of consciousness, higher levels of income, and higher levels of service and impact.

A few months ago I would have written myself a massive to-do list, rolled up my sleeves and got stuck in. I don’t preach the hustle but I’d often find myself practicing it unintentionally. I did it again this morning FYI ? – a momentary blip in my up levelling.

Of course having a full time coach in my corner means I get to move through these blocks quickly and effortlessly. They don’t need to last more than a few days, or even a few hours, until my energy shifts dramatically, and I move into a hugely expansive energy of Abundance.

It also helps that I have a mastermind, a tribe of women all on the same journey I’m on, a mindset system that I use to hack my way through every financial block, and a kick ass support team at home and in business who I can delegate pretty much everything to.

Before I could afford a staff team, a coach, and a mastermind, I had to use other tools.

One of the first online communities I ever signed up for was a money related course, and the sharing inside that Facebook group was absolute gold for helping me shift through my shit. Having those women basically ‘on call’ answering my Qs, celebrating with me, commiserating with me, and boosting my self belief was the best bit about that investment. To this day I never actually finished the course. 

Since establishing my own Money Mindset System, (which in my opinion is the most comprehensive and effective system out there… and trust me I’ve done them all), I’ve witnessed time and time again the power of the community that we hold in Ask Harriette Land. 

That tribe is fierce, loyal, powerful, understanding, compassionate, completely judgement free, full of brilliant ideas, and with me at the head of the community, everyone is seen, heard, and witnessed by me, and held in their power to step up and work through whatever block is currently standing in their way. 

THIS is the online space where you are ALWAYS ABUNDANTLY SUPPORTED

I want this for you

This morning I needed Abundant Support. And I stepped into a place where I could receive it.

So now I’m extending the same invitation to you.

Take a minute, put your hand on your heart, or give yourself a great big hug, and say ‘I Am Abundantly Supported’. When you feel into those feels, you know it’s time to accept this invitation.

Love Always



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January 17, 2019