Witness Your Own Power


How are you feeling after the magic of the weekend’s New Moon? As she reappears from the darkness and begins to build in the sky, it’s the perfect time to begin calling in new manifestations. 


It’s also the perfect time for looking inwards. For re-acquainting yourself with you, your authentic thoughts, feelings and desires and taking yourself on a little date with your Soul.


Right now, I’m all for anything that supports you looking inwards. Outside is pretty mental. It’s easier than it’s ever been to get distracted from your own voice, absorbing all the things that don’t support or honour the true power of YOU as Divine expression through your human filter. 


It’s too easy to absorb the fear narrative, the frustration of restriction and the anger felt by the collective at large.


So, as the Moon dimmed the light on the outside, what awoke within you? What began stirring, aching for attention as we enter this new cycle? 


I want to hear about it, I want to make space for what’s aching to get out. I want to give you the opportunity to have it witnessed; by someone who’s going to hold it in the power of all it is, and reflect back to you the unique qualities and innate skills you have to make it your reality. 


I want you to come and have a 20 minute coffee date with me, or Harriette, and most importantly, with your Soul. 


And maybe you’ll enroll in M.O.R.E if we can all see and agree that’s the place for you to magnify your energy and manifest your deepest Soul desires. Or maybe we’ll see another route for you.


What’s important to me today, in the energy of this New Moon cycle, is that YOU have the space to be witnessed. Free from judgement, free from fear, free from uncertainty.


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October 19, 2020